The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Now that fall is in full swing, there are so many fun things to do to embrace this beautiful season. The weather is perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and the activities are endless. I feel like it just now hit me that it’s actually fall. Here we are at the end of October and I’m finally acknowledging the weather. It’s only just now getting cooler, which I’m really happy about! It’s so pretty outside, so I recommend getting out the door and trying something new! Today I’m sharing my fall bucket list, I hope you enjoy!

the ultimate fall bucket list

Some of my faves off the list:

Find the Best Smelling Fall Candle: I want to find the perfect fall candle. I want one that I can light in my room and it makes the whole space feel cozy and smell amazing! What’s your favorite scent?

Carve a clever pumpkin design: I’ve never been very good at carving pumpkins, but this year I want to try my hand at a fun design, something different than the normal spooky face!

Meet a Friend for Breakfast Before School: Before school one day, or one Saturday, I want to grab breakfast with a friend! There are some delicious breakfast places in Oxford that I would love going to!

Go to a Halloween Party: One of my friends on my cross country is planning a scary halloween party, and I’m looking forward to going to it!

Try a new coffee flavor: I don’t really like coffee very much, I never have. But there are so many new fall drinks out that I really want to try and see if I’ve changed since the last time I tried coffee! What should I try?

What’s on your fall bucket list?

xoxo, Addie

ps: all of these cute images on the list are from this amazing artist!

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