My Top Five Favorite Apps

Hi everyone! For today’s post I decided to group together some of my favorite apps that I use on my phone. I use these apps for different things, whether it’s editing photos, making fashion collages, or listening to music. Read on to discover my top five favorite apps on my phone!


  1. VSCO: I love using the VSCO app to edit and tweak my pictures. It has great editing options and can really make my pictures look great! You can also upload your newly edited photos from your library into your grid. Then, other people can follow you and see your photos, and you can follow them and see their photos!
  2. Polyvore: With this app, you can make collages of so many different things. Fashion, beauty, home, and so much more! You start off with a blank screen, then look up different outfits or items to arrange on your page! These are called sets, and if you have a lot of sets that go into one category, you could create a collection!
  3. Spotify: I love Spotify because it has so many songs and features on it. You can choose to pay for Spotify Premium, which gives you access to all songs and unlimited skips, but I just have the free option. You can create playlists of all your favorite songs, listen to radios curated from a certain genre or artist, and follow your friends or celebrities.
  4. Pinterest: I use Pinterest a lot! I love it because there is always something new to followย , or new pins to see. On Pinterest, you can create boards based off of different categories like home design, hair, accessories, or clothes. Other people can follow you and see your newest pins, and you can follow them and get inspiration!
  5. Quizlet: Quizlet is really helpful for when you need to study but can’t have your computer out. It’s an app that lets you study vocabulary, study guides, and school questions through different learning styles. There are flashcards, spellers, typing races, and more. You can even create classes with friends to study together!

So those were my top five favorite apps on my phone! What are your favorite apps? Let me know below!

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