my recent iced coffee recipe

A year ago today, I never would have thought of writing this post. I used to never drink coffee, I hated the taste and never grew up drinking it. While I still am not obsessed with it, I’ve gotten more into coffee over the past few months and have been experimenting with different combos! I only drink it a couple times a week, if I’m especially tired or have a busy day ahead. I’m not huge on the taste, and definitely couldn’t drink it black, but I’m making progress at least, haha. Back in Christmas break, I was drinking it with a sugar free vanilla creamer and one of those sugar free vanilla syrups. It was definitely delicious, but it masked the coffee taste completely and just had a bunch of fake sweeteners and additives. I’ve slowly been trying to wean myself off of the different syrups and flavorings and try more natural ingredients. I find that my stomach feels much better and I’m actually starting to get used to the taste!


  • one cup of black coffee // I usually just make a cup of instant coffee and refrigerate it overnight
  • natural honey
  • cinnamon (optional)
  • califia farms better half // a dairy free option that makes it so thick and creamy!
  • plain cashew milk // I’ve also used vanilla almond milk as well, either works
  • truvia vanilla sweetener drops // adds the perfect amount of flavor!


So the night before, I will make a cup of instant coffee with a pack of the instant crystals and a cup of hot water. I just don’t have a coffee machine and the instant packs are super cheap, so that’s usually my go to. I honestly don’t know much about the different types of coffee, like the flavors of Nespresso pods or different types of K-Cups, so I definitely need to educate myself more on those, haha. I’ll make this in a mason jar, and while the coffee is still hot, I do a big squeeze of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ve tried adding the honey after the coffee is refrigerated, but it doesn’t mix well. By putting the honey in when the coffee is still hot, it melts into the coffee and adds some natural sweetness! I’ll put the top on, give the mason jar a shake, and pop it in the fridge.

The next day, I’ll get all my ingredients out and grab a different mason jar (or cup, whatever!) to put ice in. Pour the cold coffee over ice, and now it’s time for the different add-ins. I never really measure, I usually just eyeball it and add more until I’m satisfied with the tase. I add probably about 1/4 cup of almond /cashew milk, a few tablespoons of the half and half, and then a squeeze of the vanilla truvia drops. Like I said, it’s usually not exactly how I like it the first time and I will add more creamer/drops until it’s how I like it. I definitely make it on the sweeter side, but I’m trying to slowly get used to the taste without lots of sweetness!

It’s definitely nothing monumental, but I’ve really been enjoying that combo recently! I love how thick and creamy the half and half makes it, and the truvia adds the perfect amount of sweetness. I definitely want to try more combos and dairy free sweeteners, so definitely leave your faves down below! I also really want to get more into matcha lattes… stay tuned if I end up following through with that, haha.

Happy weekend!


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