march goals + intentions

You guys, I’m so happy that it’s March! I definitely wouldn’t call March one of my favorite months by any means, but it is a glimmer of hope after a long, cold winter. I absolutely hate the cold and the gloom of the winter, and it really gets me down sometimes. March to me is a transition month into warmer weather, springtime, sunshine, and new growth, so I’m very excited! I don’t know if this happens to other people, but I feel like I get so motivated at the beginning of January, then get overwhelmed with stresses of school and the gloomy weather and kind of fall off track. I always love a start of a new month to set new goals and new intentions, but especially when it’s also about to be the start of a new season! Last week it was suchhhhh good weather. It  got up to 80 degrees on Sunday, and it makes me so excited for it to be warm full time. I’ve been brainstorming new creative ideas, trying to start new habits and hold myself to them, and stay focused with my health goals. I just really want to use this month to work on myself and get in a good routine with my life!

I won’t go too into detail with all of the goals, but I really just want to focus on bettering myself, being more creative, and being more disciplined. As you can tell by the first goal, I feel like I’ve gotten in the bad habit of going to the grocery store for little things a couple of times a week without using up all of my groceries at home first. I tend to eat the same few meals throughout the week and forget that I have food in the freezer or produce that is about to go bad. My goal is to use up all the groceries at my house and then go to the grocery store for one big stock up, instead of lots of little trips.

Going along with this, I want to really focus on not snacking so much. I’m a big snacker, I could eat snacks throughout the day instead of any actual meals, which I’m really trying to get better at. When I go to the grocery store, I want to get whole foods to make actual meals and not just little snack foods. Just trying to set myself up for success and create good habits for the future!

I deleted social media for Lent, so I haven’t been posting on Instagram for a while. While I’m not focusing as much on pictures at the moment, I really want to use this time to focus on my YouTube channel, blog, and podcast! I have so many creative ideas and just never have time to edit because of school, but I’m trying to not make excuses and find time for it!

Besides just giving up a few things for Lent, I’m really trying to focus on my time with God and really be intentional about prayer and spending more time in His presence. I’m starting to notice how often I spend my quiet time with background noise. For example, I always listen to podcasts when I go for runs or drives, but I’ve realized how I’ve started filling up time when I’m cooking, showering, tidying up in the morning, journaling, and other little moments of my day with background noise. It can be nice sometimes when I’m alone in my apartment for the weekend and want to feel more connected, but I’ve realized that I barely have any time that’s just silent. I want to be aware of my “noise” consumption (through music, podcasts, or youtube videos) and have more quiet time to pray or just focus on my thoughts. I think I would get so much better at hearing God’s voice if I stop drowning it out in other background noise.

I’ve been so stressed with school and I feel like my whole days are filled up with working on homework, but I’m trying to plan more fun things to look forward to, especially on weekends. Whether it’s going home for a few days, visiting a friend in a different town, or going on a day trip, I want to have little things to look forward to and keep my going in the hard times of studying and homework, haha.

The last two habits go together, but I’m really trying to focus on my habits this month. I actually just posted a whole podcast episode about this, and brainstorming for that episode got me so motivated. I think back to the habits that I have now, and realized that they took time to start but now they are just engrained in my mind and part of my daily routine. I’m trying to start new habits and change my lifestyle, and it just takes consistency! I just want to feel better: mentally and thinking positive thoughts, physically with focusing on healthy foods, and spiritually- prioritizing my time with God. I’m trying to keep myself accountable and check in with myself and my goals each day!

I’m feeling super motivated, so I really hope I can keep up with this kick of inspiration and make it a good month. What’s your number one goal this month?

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