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Does anyone else love reading people’s current favorites and things they’ve been loving recently? Whether it’s watching someone’s insta story about their recent favorite books or talking with a friend about what show they’ve been watching, I love getting recommendations and learning about new products. My sister and I actually just planned out a podcast episode going into detail about lots of our recent favorites, and it inspired me to do a blog post about it as well. If you didn’t know, I have a podcast, Seasons Podcast, and I’ve been getting so inspired recently and just posted a new episode! Be on the lookout for the next episode with my sister, but for now, enjoy all my January faves!

January was kind of a weird month because for the first third of the month, I was back at home and still on winter break. I was relaxing, spending time with my family, and soaking up my last week and a half before going back to school. I was also on a big goal/workout grind because of New Years and everyone was getting so motivated. I’m really trying to stay consistent with my goals this year and hold myself accountable instead of losing all my motivation as soon as it gets hard. On January 11, I drove back to school to start the second semester of my sophomore year. I literally hadn’t thought about schoolwork in two months, and I was not in the school mindset at all, haha. It was definitely hard to adjust that first week, because I was so overwhelmed with homework and syllabus quizzes and getting back into my college schedule. I’m finally starting to get into my groove and learn how to manage my time with my online classes, which I’m very happy about.

Eating // As I’m sure many people are with the new year, I’ve been on a healthy kick recently, and I’ve been loving trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen! I’ve really been trying to focus on eating whole foods and less processed snacks, and I find that I feel better when I’m fueling my body in that way. I’ve been loving quick meals like avocado toast, coconut yogurt parfaits, and banana protein shakes! I’ve loved avocado toast forever, but I’ve recently been adding a drizzle of honey on top and oh my gosh- so good. It may sound weird, but try it! I also tried coconut yogurt for the first time this month, and I’ve been loving parfaits with tropical fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, and peanut butter on top. It fills me up and has so many nutrients! Lastly, I’ve been loving protein shakes. I use a frozen banana, ice cubes, scoop of protein powder, dash of salt, squirt of honey, and almond milk. Blend it for a few minutes and it turns so thick and creamy! Of course, top with granola and peanut butter :).

Watching // I’ve been pretty busy with school and haven’t really been watching a show, but I do enjoy watching YouTube videos in the background while I’m doing stuff around the house or on the treadmill! I’ve been loving Brooke Miccio and Jaci Marie, they do weekly vlogs and it’s so fun to have a peek into their lives! Brooke lives in NYC and Jaci in L.A., and I love their videos! I haven’t watched movies recently, but before I left for school, my sister and parents and I watched the first two movies in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series. They’re cheesy and cute, and I can’t wait for the next movie to come out next month!

Wearing // Lots of sweatshirts and joggers. That’s pretty much it, haha. I feel like my style declines in the winter because all I want to do is be warm in cozy sweats and baggy clothes. Thankfully, I got some new clothes for Christmas and I’ve definitely gotten my use out of them! I absolutely love this pullover from PacSun, I’ve been wearing it nonstop. When I do end up getting dressed up and have somewhere to be, I’ve also really loved my new flare leg jeans. I got these from Urban Outfitters at the beginning of the month and I’ve worn them more than any of my other jeans! I’ve never worn wide leg/flare jeans like these until this year, but they are so flattering and easy to style!

Listening // Speaking of Jaci Marie, I also really love her podcast, What We Said. She and her best friend, Chelsey, do weekly podcast episodes and I always look forward to Tuesday because it means a new episode! They talk on a variety of topics: health, motivation, staying positive, building a business, and story episodes! I love the story episodes because listeners submit their stories about a certain topic, and they’re always so funny. As far as music goes, I’ve been listening to Anyone, by Justin Bieber, and Drivers License, by Olivia Rodrigo nonstop, so good!

Buying // I’ve really been trying to get better about my spending, especially when I’m at school and don’t have a job to have consistent money coming in. My biggest temptation is always running to the grocery store for a snack, like a protein bar or nuts, and then buying a kombucha. It really adds up after a few weeks, so I’ve been a lot better at that this month! Still always so hard to not buy a kombucha every day tho, haha. I guess the only things besides food that I’ve bought this month were the flare jeans, some new sweatpants, and then these claw clips! I think the claw clip trend is so cute, but my hair is just so thick that it doesn’t hold it as well as I hoped, haha.

Reading // I was on a big reading kick the first week of the year when I was still at home, but I’ve definitely slowed down since going back to school. I did read 5 books this month tho! I read You Are Not Alone, The Inheritance Games, The Unhoneymooners, Crash the Chatterbox, and A Prisoner of Birth. You Are Not Alone is by two authors that I love, so I wanted to read another of their books and see what the hype was about. It was a thriller with so many twists and turns, and I really enjoyed it. The Inheritance Games was a young adult book, and I read it in like 2 days, it really hooks you in! I can’t wait for the next book to come out. The Unhoneymooners was the first Christina Lauren book I’ve read, but I loved it, so I can’t wait to read more. It made me want to go to Hawaii, haha. Crash the Chatterbox was a faith-related book with so many good truths about how God sees us and not letting the devil tell us lies and negativity. It was probably one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. Lastly, I just finished A Prisoner of Birth yesterday, and it took me the longest to read. It was a thickkkk book, and I also was busy with school, so I could only read it in little snippets of my day. It reminded me of a modern retelling of Count of Monte Cristo, with lots of adventure and new storylines. It was so good!

Doing // I’m trying to think back over January and think of some fun things I did, and it was a pretty chill month. When I was still at home, I worked my last few shifts at the boutique I work at, went to the gym with my mom a lot, and had lots of chill time with family. The day that I went back to school, we woke up to snow, which was so fun! It hadn’t snowed in forever and it was actually a lot, not the usually flurries that fade away as soon as they hit the ground. We had so much fun sledding and playing out in the winter wonderland. Back at school, I’ve just been so busy with my classes and getting into a new routine. I have three online classes, so I’ve been going to a coffee shop in the mornings/afternoons and getting a lot done. I always feel more productive in a coffee shop setting for some reason, anyone else? Besides school, I’ve been going to spin classes at our campus athletic center, working on my podcast, and going on long walks! I never really went on long walks until recently, and I love calling a family member and walking around the lake at school. It’s nice to destress and stretch my legs after sitting at a desk for so long, and I don’t get outside enough!

What was your favorite part of January?

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