My Freshman Year Dorm Room

I know I’ve been at college for about two months now, but I realized I haven’t shared any dorm pics yet! If you didn’t know, I’m currently a freshman at Mississippi State University, and I’m majoring in public relations. Ever since I made my college decision, I was really excited to start dorm shopping and planning all the details of the room, and I like how it ended up turning out! My roommate and I actually went to high school together, so we knew each other going into it, which made it easier to meet up and talk about planning dorm styles and decor. We didn’t match everything like I know some of my friends did, but we have a few key pieces that we coordinated. Our bedspreads and throw blankets are the same, but we bought our own pillows to add our own personal touch. I ended up using a lot of decor pieces from my room at home to save money, and Target and Marshall’s were my go-to places for cute pieces that didn’t break the bank!

Like I said, some things are from my room at home that I’ve had forever, like the big “a” sign and a lot of my little desk knick knacks. But I tried to round up the things I could find online and link them if you want to buy them too! My photo wall by my bed is made up of prints from Parabo Press. They were having a deal back in the summer and I got like 35 photos for around 15 dollars, which I don’t think is bad at all! They are great quality and printed on thick cardstock. I printed a few personal ones with photos of me and my friends/family, but most of them were photos and quotes from Pinterest that I found inspiring. We got our three posters above our futon for a like $5 each from a local bookstore, and I love the detail they add to the wall.

A lot of the furniture came with the room, but we did bring our own futon and then the white cube shelves by our beds. I got them on sale at target, and they’re the perfect height for a bedside table while also offering lots of storage. I found these super cute bins from target as well that hide cords, books, and extra clothes. I have this cute little lamp for late night reading or studying, and I highly recommend it- it’s super bright. It’s a bit harder to tell, but I have another set of cube shelves under my bed that adds even more storage. I was worried about having room to put everything, but I actually have more space than I thought! It’s not in the photo, but I also have a little rug to the left of my bed that adds a cute pop of color. The little table by the futon was actually already mine from home, and it had just been sitting in our storage shed. My roommate brought her record player from home, but the only two records we have are the Beatles and One Direction- ha!

On my desk, I have lots of little decor pieces and knick knacks from random places. Some of them are from my local Marshall’s, so I can’t link it, and a lot of them were from my room at home. I love this little lightbox, and I’m excited to change out the lettering with the changing of the seasons and to add little quotes. On the trend of quotes, I also got this letter board from Target and hung it up with command strips. This desk organizer on the second shelf is helpful for pens and random papers, and this weekly calendar makes keeping up with my assignments a bit easier. I also love the detail my little salt lamp adds to the space. I got mine from Five Below actually, but I love this one from Target.

My sheets are white with little gold details from Target, and I also have this pair for when I’m washing my others. My roommate and I matched our bedspreads, and she got them from Urban Outfitters. My pillows are from discount stores like Home Goods and Tuesday Morning, and I love the pops of color they add to the white bedding. I also found this blanket on sale at Urban, and it is the softest thing ever. Our headboards are from Wayfair, and I love the studded details around the edges.

I realize I didn’t include any photos of our bathroom, but it’s pretty basic, without many decorations or colors. All in all, I really like how our dorm turned out, and it was so fun shopping and decorating it! If you have any more questions of where I got anything, feel free to comment below and ask!

xoxo, Addie

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