September Recap

Another recap post! I used to do these every month back in the spring, but I haven’t done one in a while. I think they’re fun to write and update on what’s been going on in my life, and I love looking back on them months later. September… probably one of the craziest and hardest months of 2019. This has been my first full month of college, and it has definitely taken some getting used to. Obviously I knew the workload in college would be more than in high school, but gosh- college is hard. I’m slowly but surely getting into a routine, but it’s definitely been a process. I’m ready to get into the swing of things and really find my place here at college. I’ve got lots to update on, so enjoy my rambles from this month!

Reading // I didn’t read much this month, unless you count lots of poems and novels for my english lit class- ha. For english, I read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Man Who Would Be King, and for psychology, I read In My Hands and Born a Crime. They were okay, but not my favorite. I think once someone tells me I have to read a book, for school, it makes me instantly not enjoy it as much. I definitely learned a lot through them though, especially the two books from psychology. As for pleasure reading, I finished Dry by Neal Schusterman at the beginning of the month, finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell last week, and am almost done with Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen right now. Dry was amazing, but I think I liked the author’s other book, Scythe even better. I read Scythe and its sequel back in August, and they were some of my favorite reads of the year. Both Scythe and Dry are set in the future, and the plot is difficult to explain, but all I can say is just read them. You won’t regret it. Fangirl, I had already read a few years ago, but I reread it and it was just as good the second time! I went to the Starkville Public Library and picked it up, and it was the perfect thing to read while trying to fall asleep. I’m also in the middle of Saint Anything, and it’s pretty good too, but not quite as good as the other two books. But overall, I’d highly recommend all of the books I read this month, especially Dry and Scythe.

Watching // I’m probably late to the game on this one, but I’ve been really into Parks and Recreation this month. I finished The Office back in August, and I had lots of people telling me how good Parks and Rec was. I won’t lie, it definitely takes time to get into. The first two seasons are a bit slow, but once you get to know the characters and the plot deepens, it’s sersiously so good. Not to mention hilarious. My roommate probably thinks I’m crazy for being curled up in bed under the cover laughing out loud. I also watched a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls, because even though I’ve already seen it, it gives me major fall vibes. I love the little town of Stars Hollow and all the quirky characters. I also went to my grandmother’s house last weekend and we had a fall themed Hallmark movie marathon. They’re so cheesy, but so comforting at the same time. Can you tell I’m excited for fall? I’ve also been loving Brooke Miccio’s week in my life vlogs. They are so real and authentic; she doesn’t try to cover up her struggles or the stress of post grad life. I know college graduation is so far away, but it’s still interesting to get a glimpse of life after college.

Listening // A few of my favorite songs this month: Truth Hurts by Lizzo, No Way! by Bazzi, and UCLA by RL Grime. I actually listened to a lot of worship music this month, and it has seriously changed my mindset on bad days. I’ve added tons of songs to my worship playlist, and they are so comforting. I’ll pop my airpods in and take on the 15 minute walk to class with songs like “Take Heart” by Hillsong United or “Open Space” by Housefires. Lastly for music, I’ve been listening to my Harry Potter instrumental playlist while I’m writing or studying. It’s calming and puts me in a great mood, because I love Harry Potter and it reminds me of the movies. I’m also big into podcasts, and this month I”ve been listening to sermon podcasts from Passion City Church DC. My favorite from them so far is “Why God Complicates Your Life”. Highly recommend!

Buying // I’ve actually been pretty good about limiting my spending this month; the main thing I spend it on has been food, either on groceries or if I eat out. Starkville has a few good restaurants, and my favorites so far are Bulldog Burger and Bin 612. The only other things I’ve bought are blue light glasses from amazon and some sneakers from Mercari. I really needed some blue light glasses because I was constantly getting headaches from staring at my computer all day doing homework. these have helped so much- not to mention that they’re so cute! I’ll sometimes wear them just around campus to go with my outfit because they add such a cute detail.

Eating // Can’t say I’ve been eating tons of amazing food this month. First of all, eating healthy in college is much harder than I thought it would be. The dining halls aren’t the best, and the quicker option isn’t always the healthiest. I’ve made lots of dorm oatmeal and turkey sandwiches, but I also have found a few good things at the dining hall that I keep in my weekly rotation. There’s really good chicken noodle soup on most days at lunch, and a yummy wrap station- if you can get there before the line! As far as other foods go, I love Kind breakfast bars, broccoli and hummus, and randomly… apples. They’re great for on the go and they taste amazing, especially jazz apples. I need some more snack/food ideas though, so give me some options down below!

Doing // If I could sum it up in one word: school. So much school. Studying, homework, essays, trigonometry problems, poem analysis,  quizlets,  the list goes on and on. I mentioned it before, but gosh, college is hard. I feel like all I do is schoolwork. It has gotten a bit better tho, once I’ve finally gotten in somewhat of a routine. I’ll usually go to class until lunch, then spend the afternoon in a study room at Old Main or at a coffee shop and GRIND. I try to get it all done during the day so I can spend my nights how I want. I’ll usually wrap up around 5:30 or 6, then either go to bible study or a meeting, maybe head to the gym, and then get dinner with a friend. I’ve been trying to get back into running again, but I haven’t run as much as I did this summer. It’s just hard to make time with my busy schedule. I’ve also tried a few barre classes this month, and I actually really like them! The small, repeated movements burn a lot more than you’d think. What else have I been doing? Going to Wesley Freshman Bible studies on Thursday nights, making weekend trips to see my family or grandmother, and tailgating at football games. Football season has started and it’s so fun! I’m ready for it to get cooler tho; 96 degrees feels more like 115 in the hot stadium!

So- it’s nearly October! I’m actually so excited. I say it every year, but I can’t wait for fall. I just love the falling leaves, the pumpkins, and the sweaters. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down a bit. Nothing beats sitting outside in a sweater reading a good book in the fall. I need to start working on my fall bucket list, what should I add to it?

Thanks for reading my ramble of a recap! Happy (almost) October!


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