November Goals

Long time no post! I had a goal to post every day in September, and I stuck with it, but October I slacked off a lot. I just got so so busy with school and unfortunately the blog got put to the back burner. The past few days tho, I’ve gotten really motivated to start back up with my blog and photography and I hope I can continue with the inspiration! I’m so happy it’s November. October was good, but I feel like I didn’t fully take advantage of the spooky season and get in the fall mood as much as I wanted. Anyone who knows me knows Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday, and Christmas season starts in November for me. I started listening to Christmas music November 1st, and my family went to Target and we got a cute mini Christmas tree for the dorm. It’s crazy how fast the semester is going by; I have a few weeks until Thanksgiving break and then after that, two weeks until Christmas break!

A few of my favorites off the list:

  • Decorate the dorm for Christmas: I kind of started on this already, but I want to add more cute decor pieces! There’s a dirt cheap not too far from my dorm, so I want to get some cheap pieces and make the dorm Christmas-sy!
  • Work on growing my instagram: A few months ago, I started a more creative/blog instagram called @lifebyaddie. I love taking photos and content for it, but I haven’t grown it very much since I started!
  • Take the first step on my podcast: The past month or two, I’ve had the idea to start a podcast in the back of my head. It would be about my life, things I’m learning at college, my recent favorites, and things like that! My dad has started a podcast so I think he can help me, I just need to find time to do it!

What’s on your November bucket list? Let me know below!

xoxo, Addie

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