My Cross Country Season 2015

My last cross country meet of the year- State- is coming up soon. It is this Monday, in Clinton, Mississippi at the Choctaw Trails. I have been to State before, last year in eighth grade, and it was probably the most nerve racking experience of my life.


I always get so nervous before big races like that, and State was the one I got the most nervous about. It is such a big race, and everyone wants to win. It would be amazing to be titled 5A state champs for 2015. I have had a pretty good season so far. We’ve had eight meets this season, and each time, my team has just kept getting better. We put in so much work and want to win so bad. Every practice, we are always trying to get better and improve our running. I think my team definitely deserves this. We were second in the State last year. We lost by one point. ONE POINT.  My team definitely does not want to lose again.

Our main competition is Saltillo High School from Saltillo, Mississippi. We beat them last year in State AND District, but this year, they have been beating us in almost every single meet. There has only been one meet when we beat Saltillo, and that was when one of their runners was out and couldn’t come. Now, Saltillo has all of their runners and some younger girls that they pulled up to run at State. The winner will either be Oxford or Saltillo, and the results are adding up to where it will probably be Saltillo.

The team will leave on Sunday afternoon for an overnight trip to Clinton. Everyone will be so excited, but also really nervous. Last meet of the season, and we really want to win!


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  1. This is a great team with a great group of girls. I love your commitment to hard work and being an encourager to your team. I can’t wait to watch you run. These are exciting times. You are making memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy every moment even the nervous ones. I know you will give it your all and that will be all that matters. To God be the glory.

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