Ten Ways to Decorate for Christmas- Guest Post

Hi! I’m Claire, and I wrote this guest post all about ways to decorate for Christmas! Christmas is coming up and that means decorations, songs, festivities, and presents! As the holiday approaches, that’s the time to start decorating. Here are a few ideas for when you begin:


  1. Color Scheme-  Maybe pick out a color scheme that you like that is different from the usual red and green. Maybe go for a more wintery blue like pictured below.                                                                                                                                                                                 6367a82ecd28205aa0c388a6b551df6d 47a6cc5f5081a8f373b58b0086ce7506 0ded1071f69baf4102b983d9a4d3101a
  2. Homemade Ornaments– You can never go wrong with homemade. I love putting up all my childhood ornaments. They are so cute and bring back great memories.                                                                                                                                                                            6d778be23d14b36d39549f1ba27fd38b d2543c40f93dfb7f12727615b16a5b05
  3.  Christmas Card Board- We all get lots of Christmas cards from your close friends and relatives so this year, why not put them up on display so everyone can see them? It’s a very fun idea and doesn’t put the cards to waste            Cards CI-Susan-Teare_Holiday-Card-Display_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960
  4. Singing Characters– Every Christmas, we put up these cute little Reindeers and Frosty the Snowman that sing. They’re very fun to play while the whole family puts up decorations and bring a new elements to the design of your room.                       $_1 2 $_1
  5. Using Pictures Instead of Name Tags– This is a really creative idea that I really like. It’s like another gift of a picture of the two of you that goes along with the present you already got them. Or you might use a fun design to brighten up the present. It makes the wrapping a lot more personal and makes the presents under your tree stand out.                                                DIY-Gift-Tags-5free printable gift tags
  6. Stockings Everywhere– Instead of just putting up stocking over the mantle per usual, try putting them in different places like the back of chairs, hanging from your staircase handle, or anywhere else.                                                                                  il_fullxfull.621663730_7aug 98ddafb514348d9ab4187f26b16d8786 3f6a3f6dee74aab201b46404823acdfa
  7. Put Lights Up In Other Places- Try putting lights up in your own rooms instead of just the main room. This gives your own room a little fun and bring the holiday spirit even to where you sleep.                                                                                     christmas-light-decoration-ideas picture-perfect-window 02d86a3dd0705583f501896a7dddba73
  8. Props Outside- If you’re like me and have chairs on your front porch, this year buy a stuffed Santa Claus or snowman to sit in them. It’s a really adorable idea and we do it every year.                                                                                                    christmas-porch-dic christmas-decorations-ideas-white-starsb10a1__DIY-Christmas-Porch-Ideas-2
  9. Modern Take on Wreaths- We’ve all seen the ordinary green wreaths, but take a new perspective on them and use ornaments or ribbons to make a new kind. Putting these on your front door makes your house look very festive and in the holiday season.Simple DIY Christmas Wreath 15 IMG_7012-001 winter-wreath-from-canadian-living[5]
  10.   Or Just Stay Classic– Everyone loves the classic red and green, so it’s completely okay to stay that way. Classic never goes out of style.

red-and-white-christmas-stockings classicxmas amazing-traditional-christmas-tree-decorations-915x610

5 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Decorate for Christmas- Guest Post

  1. Hey, Claire!! I love your Christmas ideas. I like having a color scheme too and I love whites and blues and silver. I think we are going to try and hang some lights around the house in different places. You will have to come over sometime during the holidays. Thanks for posting.

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