Top Ten Home Decor Items

So for the first post in the interior category, I have the top ten of the home decor items. These are some must- haves for any home. Whether it’s colorful pillows, a white and gold color scheme, or furry ottomans, all of these things are so cute! If you have these, your home is sure to be the best on the block.


  1. Colored and Patterned Bowls– you should definitely get some bowls with a cute pattern or bright colors. Perfect for cereal, ice cream, or soup, these bowls will brighten your day at every single meal.

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2. Geometric Lighting-  the curves and edges of these lights will add character and charm to your home. Especially in the white and gold colors, they go well with anything else in the house.

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3. A statement chair- Any normal house will have neutral colored furniture, like a white couch with matching chairs and ottoman. That’s completely fine, but add something extra: a statement chair.

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4. Patterned Silverware– sure, you could buy some silver forks, knives, and spoons with regular handles. OR, you could buy some that actually look nice, with patterned handles or bright colors.

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5. Printed Plates- It seems like most of these items are “patterned” or “printed”, but seriously, who could pass up these adorable plates? White with blue patterns, they are perfect for snacks or serving trays.

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6. Adorable Paperweights- These cute little stones are great for the office, but that isn’t the only place to use them. Have them littered around the house, set up on side tables or use to hold books together.

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7. Floor Cushions– these colorful cushions have intricate patterns and prints that will brighten up any room. Use them in kid’s rooms for a comfy sitting spot, or stack them in a living room for a pop of color.

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8. Long Hallway Runner Rug- add a long rug in any hallway or open space for bright colors and comfy floors. The geometric design and tassels add fun detailing, and the colors match well with almost any room.

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9.   Bright Printed Pillows- any new sofa needs some pillows to go with it. If you have a neutral colored sofa, like white, find some colorful pillows that will make the room pop!

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10. Gold and White Mugs- no two colors go as well together as gold and white. It just looks so clean and simple. These mugs are perfect for hot chocolate on cold days, and they match with everything!

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So those are some home decor favorites. You definitely need these in your home- they add charm and coziness to any space! If you have a mainly white color scheme, using pops of colors, patterns, and prints will brighten up the room. What are your favorite home accessories? Let me know below!


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