How to Get to Sleep Faster

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone had a great day. Today’s post is about a super effective way to get to sleep faster. I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep sometimes if I’m super busy at school or have a lot going on. I found this method from Pinterest and it works wonders! I use it whenever I need to get to sleep and it hasn’t failed to get me to sleep yet! It even works if you just are in the middle of a stressful day and need to calm down and empty your mind. I even did this at school right before I had a presentation and it helped get rid of my nerves. This method is the best!


What you do is get in bed, relax, and calm your mind. Then follow three simple steps to the 4-7-8 method. First, Take 4 deep breaths through your nose. Only breathe through your nose at this time. Then, take a deep breath through your mouth and hold it for 7 seconds. Try to relax and calm down. After the seven seconds is up, release the breath slowly. You need to exhale for 8 seconds. After you have finished, that’s one round. It takes me 2-3 rounds to fully get to sleep. Just repeat until you are asleep! Try to remember, during this time you need to let go and destress. Just calm your mind and focus on your breathing and sleeping.

I hope this helps! It always works for me and can be very useful for sleepless nights! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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