Fruit Infused Water Benefits + Combos

Drinking more water was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, and so far I’ve been doing well keeping up with it. I almost always drink my whole water bottle and sometimes fill it up and drink a second bottle. It can get a little bland though, because water alone doesn’t have any flavor or taste to it! I started adding some lemon slices to my ice water some mornings to add some taste.  After doing that for a bit, I started thinking of some other great combinations that would taste well with ice water. There are so many different fruits that would make your water taste even better. Another great thing about this is that because it’s only fruit and water, it’s healthy and there are so many health benefits and it can serve as a detox to flush out unwanted fluids in the body.


1// Mixing citruses in water always tastes great. Try lemons, limes, and oranges mixed with a bottle of cold water. It’s easiest to put the fruit on its side and cute slices of it, then drop it in with the water and swirl around.

2// A berry mixture filled with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries would taste amazing! The juices and taste of the berries will infuse the water and make it taste great.

3// Mixing mint with most any fruits taste amazing. It goes really well when mixed with cucumber. A cold cucumber and mint water is to die for!

4// A strawberry kiwi water would be so refreshing and delicious. Cut each fruit into slices and add them to an ice cold glass of water. This would be perfect on a hot summer’s day.

5// Strawberries, oranges, and mint leaves all come together to make a great fruit infused water. The mix of the different fruits and the added mint taste will make this drink amazing.


What is your favorite type of water? Do you have a recipe that you like? Let me know below!

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