Drinking More Water

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to drink more water, and I think it was definitely a good goal to keep in mind. Water has a lot of benefits and I hadn’t been drinking as much as I should, so it was important that I started drinking more of it. So far, I’ve been doing pretty well at drinking water throughout the day, but I should definitely drink more of it. I’m either not thirsty or never think about it, but I need to start remembering. Water can help me stay hydrated through all the sports I play, so I will be prepared for track that I have after school. Water can also help keep your skin clear, flush out toxins in the body, and can satisfy hunger while also being the healthier option. I would also recommend trying different fruits to put in it, that way it’s not plain water all the time. Another fun thing to help you drink more water is to have a cute water bottle. I have a Camelbak bottle, but I also really like the S’Well water bottles, especially the “Santorini”ย oneย in the middle.


What’s your favorite water bottle? Do you drink water? Comment below!

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