The Friday Five

Hello everyone! Who’s excited for the weekend? I definitely am, I don’t have any meets or games this weekend and I can relax and catch up on some other things I need to get done. This week seemed like it went by super fast since we got Labor Day off. If only every week could go by this quick! I’ve been doing a lot of training for cross country since the season has finally begun and we are getting into the routine of practices and meets and recovery. I actually had to take an ice bath the other day to help heal my shins, and it was SO COLD! As I said before, I’m so glad for the weekend, so let’s just get started with my favorite links!


One// How to Save Money in High School: I loved reading these tips on how to save money while in high school and where and what to spend your money on. I think these tips were so helpful and make you think about whether or not you really want to buy certain things. If you aren’t really going to use it, save for something you’ll enjoy!

Two// Study Tips to Get Ahead in Class: I definitely have been needing some study tips recently, with my large overload of homework and tests that seems to never end. These were all super helpful!

Three// August Playlist: Have you seen my most recent playlist? I rounded up a few of my favorite songs I’ve been listening to all throughout August. Be sure to check them out!

Four// How to Be More Positive: I loved Dorothy’s tips on how to be more positive. Once you get started in the school routine and get overloaded with so many different things, it can be hard to have a positive mindset about anything. I loved her ideas on how to be happier!

Five// Cookie Dough Dip: This dip looks absolutely amazing. I’ve made something similar to this before, and it was delicious. This recipe looks pretty simple and quick to make, and sounds so good!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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