The Friday Five

Wow, it sure has been awhile since my last Friday Five! Towards the end of spring I was busy with exam prep and lots of studying, over the summer I didn’t have my computer so posts didn’t go up as regularly, and my first two weeks of school have been so hectic and busy! Excuses aside, I’m here with a long awaited Friday Fives post for the first time in forever. This week has been another crazy week. Going back into school, I was expecting to start off slow and not be too busy. I was so wrong! I had three tests and two quizzes and homework every night- and that was just for the first week! Now that I’ve sort of developed a routine and a feel for how things are going to go this year, I’ve been able to settle down and start blogging again. Without further ado, read on for my Friday Fives!

the friday five (1)

One// 7 Healthy Morning Habits for Busy People: I definitely needed these tips, because when I wake up in the morning for school, I am so busy and in such a hurry to get everything together!

Two//  New Balance 696: I’ve been loving the comeback of New Balance shoes and think they are so cute! There are so many options and color schemes that it’s hard to decide which is my favorite, but I really like these!

Three// Mixed Ring Set: I’ve been really into rings lately, I found a bunch of old ones in my jewelry box and have been wearing them everywhere. I love this ring set– plus it’s really cheap!

Four// Rocksbox: Have you guys ever heard of Rocksbox? It’s basically a subscription box- for jewelry! Ever month you get a new box of jewelry and then send it back for a new set! You can get a free trial month with my code: ADDIEBFF17. Enter the code when you create an account and you won’t pay a dime for your first month!

Five// Neutral Dress + Pops of Color: Have you seen my latest outfit post? It went up earlier this week and I loved how it turned out! It’s all about neutral with pops of color- be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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