The Friday Five

This week seemed to fly by, it’s crazy to think it’s already Friday. I’m not complaining though, hopefully this weekend I can catch up on some sleep. This week was thankfully not very busy. I didn’t have an overload of homework and soccer season is over. I went to track again and I started getting back into the routine of training. Our first meet is in just a few weeks! I had a few things that I saw and absolutely loved this week. Read on to see my Friday Five.

friday five 4

One// I really want to try out this recipe for muffins. It looks really good and not too hard to make! I don’t have much to do and I’m not too busy this weekend, so many I can make them!

Two// I am really looking forward to J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Cursed Child. It’s a continuation of Harry Potter from 19 years after the seventh book. The cool thing about it is that the book is in the form of a script for a play. That’s because the Cursed Child is a play coming out in July! I’m really excited because I love Harry Potter!

Three// I love using my watercolor postcards. They are really cool because the material is so thick that it doesn’t bleed through or mess up the other side. Just paint your picture on the blank side, then let it dry and write your letter on the postcard lines on the flip side! That way you can send the person a letter and some great art!

Four// Something really exciting that happened this week was my soccer team won the state championship. It was so exciting and just surreal to experience. Everyone was so excited and we made school history that night. No Lady Charger Soccer team has ever won state in all of school history. It was amazing!

Five// My last favorite is this post about how to get beach waves. I have never tried any of these techniques before, but maybe soon I can put some of these tips to use and see how it will turn out. I’m not sure if it would actually work though, because my hair might be too thick for it to work!

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!

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