For most people, it’s exam week, which means lots and lots of studying. Everyone will be cramming the night before, memorizing flashcards, and staying up until midnight. It’s very hard to try and manage all your studying and without being completely 
exhausted. Here are some study tips to help you do the best you can on your exams.


  1. Eliminate all distractions. Try to put away anything that could distract you. No phones, no electronics, and no noise. Find a quiet room with no other people. If music is distracting, don’t listen to music, but you could put your headphones in to block out any noise.
  2. Write, don’t type. It’s always a better memorizing tool to write down what you are studying rather than stare at a screen to study. There aren’t so many distractions and when you write it down, your brain is more like to take to memory what you are writing. Make sure your notes are organized, neat, and orderly.
  3. Take a break. After every thirty minutes to an hour of studying, reward yourself with a ten minute break. This will allow you to relax a bit and come back refreshed to start a new study session. Get up, stretch, jog around, grab a snack, and drink some coffee or something to help you stay alert.
  4. Try using Quizlet. Quizlet is a very helpful website where you can search different things to learn about and it will offer you different options to help you study. There are options like speller, flashcards, a test,  and games to help with memorization. You can even make classes, folders, and collections to group your study sets.
  5. Get good rest the night before the big exam. Good sleep will help your mind relax and will help you to think straight the next day. Try to get eight to nine hours of sleep. This way, you can focus and stay alert without drifting off.
  6. Find motivation. Have something to look forward to. Make mini goals for yourself to keep you motivated. Maybe that’s a break, a piece of candy, or anything else that you might want. Or you can make something to look forward to after the big exam. Set a goal grade, say a 95. If you meet your goal, you could get a milkshake or any other reward.

Keep these study tips in mind while preparing for midterm, and good luck on exams!



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