This holiday season, everyone is making lists, decorating, visiting family, and making lots of yummy food. While all of those things are very fun to do, there is a much bigger meaning behind Christmas. Some people don’t have enough money for Christmas presents or Christmas dinner. Others might be cold and without heat or blankets during the winter. There are so many things to do this holiday season to give back to your community.


  1. See what your school has to offer. My school has lots of holiday things going on right now. We are collecting different items of the week; things such as socks, cans of food, Operation Christmas Child boxes, coloring books, and other small things. After each week, the school distributes them to people who need it. My school also has a list of families who need Christmas presents. Students can see what families need what and volunteer to bring a certain present. There is a big Christmas tree in our front lobby and all the presents are under it. Your school might do something like this, and you can certainly help out!
  2. Sign upย to buy presents for a certain family.ย Some places around your town might have lists of presents you could buy for others this Christmas. Volunteer to buy a few presents for someone who might not be able to afford any.
  3. Organize a group to do something big together. Maybe your youth group could all agree to buy presents for an entire family, or volunteer where help is needed. Or gather a group of friends to have a soup can drive or wrap presents together. It’s more fun when you’re with your friends
  4. Earn money with a fundraiser. Find something to sell to try and raise money to give to those in need. There are so many options: friendship bracelets, cookies, hot chocolate, ornaments, the possibilities are endless! Set up table somewhere with a lot of foot traffic. Be sure to let people know what you are raising money for!
  5. Donate things that you don’t really need.ย Are there any clothes that are too small, or accessories that just aren’t really your style anymore? Think about donating them to people who need them more than you do. There are probably countless things you’ve outgrown or don’t care about that someone else would love!

So those are five things you can do this holiday season to give back. When you help others this holiday season, it not only makes them feel happy, but you feel good doing it! A lot of us are so lucky and blessed with the things we have, so why not help out those who don’t have as much? It can make your community a better place, and you will be showing God’s love to those around you.

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