Spring Break Ideas/Places to Go

I am so so excited for Spring Break, I honestly cannot wait! For my school its only a week and a half away, and I’m so ready to be out of school! I don’t really think I’ll be doing anything interesting while I’m out of school. I’ll probably just catch up on some sleep, try making some new recipes, and relax. Although I’m not going anywhere far away, that doesn’t mean you can’t! Coming up is a list of fun places and things to do during Spring Break.

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  1. The Beach: A common Spring Break location is aways the beach. I totally agree, I love going to the beach! Some of my favorite beaches to go to are Orange Beach, Destin, and Seaside. I absolutely love Seaside, you should definitely go and spend a few days there! It is so pretty out there, both the town and the water are breathtaking. The beach is always a great Spring Break option!
  2. The Zoo: Spring is great zoo weather, since the heat won’t be brutal and you can still get out in the sun without getting too hot. I love visiting the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, but there are lots of other fun zoos out there to visit! Just remember to bring comfortable walking shoes!
  3. The Mall: What better time to go shopping for new spring and summer clothes than during Spring Break? Find a friend, a sister, or a grandmother and go to the nearest mall and shop! Look for new clothes for the warmer weather, and enter summer in style!
  4. The Library: If you like to read, a great place to hang out this Spring Break is the library. Go and find a stack of great books, then curl up in a chair and read your heart out. You can read inside the cool library, or take advantage of the weather and read outside!
  5. On a Picnic: Another great thing to do during Spring Break is have a picnic outside! The weather at this time will be perfect for a delicious lunch outside! Find a park, a meadow or forest, even a backyard to sit. Spread out your meal and enjoy! It’ll be even more fun if you invite your friends to enjoy the picnic with!

Hope these gave you some fun ideas! Where are you going for Spring Break? Let me know below!

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