The Friday Five

Hello everyone! I know I didn’t have a Friday Five last week, I was super busy and never had the time to write anything out. I’m so glad this week is finally over, now it means only seven more days until I’m out for Spring Break! This afternoon I have a track meet, and this weekend I have four soccer games in Tennessee, so I’m really busy! I just found a few things that I liked throughout the week to show today- enjoy!

friday five 3

One// This recipe for pop up pancakes looks so good! There aren’t very many ingredients needed, and you can make them in a muffin tin! How easy is that? I really want to try these out sometime soon, maybe before school or next weekend!

Two// Finding Dory is coming out this summer! I loved Finding Nemo when I was little, it was my favorite movie. The trailer was recently released and it looks so good!

Three// I like Spotify and it’s many features, and last night I listed to the Christian Radio playlist. It’s a big collection of popular Christian songs, and I really like “Indescribable”.

Four// I think these beaded necklaces from Etsy are so cute! They would go well with a lot of different styles, and there are so many colors to choose from.

Five// Summer is coming closer and closer, which means lots of new summer clothes and swimsuits. I think the Mara Hoffman suits are so cute, they are so vibrant with lots of colors and patterns.


So those were my top five things from the week! I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

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