Recipe: Frozen Hot Chocolate (Collab!)

Even though it’s technically fall, here in Mississippi it doesn’t always feel like it. Sure, there are some days where it’s chilly and I end up grabbing a sweater, but other times it doesn’t feel much different from summer. I always love making a steaming mug of hot cocoa and warming up with it on a chilly day, but with this hotter weather, there’s no point! That’s why I’ve been loving frozen hot chocolate- you still get the delicious hot cocoa taste, but with the consistency of a milkshake! Today Valerie from Confetti and Tassels and I are sharing our favorite fall drinks, so be sure to check out her post after you’ve read mine! Over on her blog, she made a delicious pumpkin pie frappe, which sounds amazing! Now, on to the recipe:

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1 cup of milk

1 1/2 cups of ice

2 TBSP of hot chocolate powder

2 TBSP of chocolate syrup

handful of marshmallows or whipped cream, your choice

chocolate chips (optional)


Pour your milk, cocoa powder, and ice into a blender and blend until completely mixed.

drizzle a little bit of chocolate syrup around the rim of your mug

pour the blended mixture into the mug

Add marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, or more syrup (or add them all!)



And that’s it! Five really simple steps to making some delicious frozen hot chocolate. This tasted so good and it was so easy. I definitely recommend trying out this recipe! And don’t forget to check out Valerie’s post on a pumpkin pie frappe recipe, it looks so good!

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