Fall Adventuring with United Tees

One reason I love the fall is because it’s the perfect weather. It’s not too hot that you get overheated and sweaty, but it’s not too cold that you freeze your toes off. There’s a nice breeze, the temperature is cool but not too chilly, and the sun is still shining up above. Fall is the best time for camping trips, hikes, and afternoon adventures. There’s a lake not too far from my house, and this past weekend my brothers and I walked down to it and explored a bit. I wore some nike shorts and one of my favorite new shirts from United Tees. Their fall collection just came out and their new line is the cutest!


fall adventuring with united tees

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fall adventures

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lake adventures




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It was so fun to trek down to the lake for a little while, and I loved wearing my new tee while I was down there! It fits perfectly, I got a medium and it’s not too baggy and it’s not skin tight, just how I like it.

My brothers and I explored around the lake a bit, and there was this cute bridge that led to a little island that overlooked the lake. Although the scenery around us was beautiful, I can’t say the same about the lake… the water was a brownish-green color from who knows what. The sky was a beautiful blue and the trees were gorgeous, in their mix of greens, yellows, browns, and reds. We saw some adorable turtles poke their heads above water and watch us for a bit before diving back down. I loved spending an hour at the lake over the weekend, it’s something I definitely need to do more often!

PS: be sure to check out my favorites from the new fall collection down below! If you want 15% off your order on your new fall tees, use my discount code, “addie_15“!


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