Recent Eats Vol. 1

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! It’s been a very long, very busy week, but I’m so glad it’s the weekend. With spring break coming up (7 more days!), all my classes are having tests and midterm exams, so things have been super busy. I had five exams this week, and three were all back to back on Wednesday! This weekend is going to be filled with some much needed relaxation though, so I’m pumped. I’m going to my grandmother’s house tonight to chill and maybe watch a movie, and then tomorrow my family is actually coming to Tupelo for my brother’s soccer game, so I’ll get to see them too! I’m trying to finish all my weekend homework early so I can just chill all weekend. Anyway, today’s post is going to be a photo wrap-up of all the good food I’ve been eating recently! To be honest, I haven’t been eating very many unique or fun recipes unless it’s at a restaurant or at home where I have more space and ingredients to cook. I kind of just fall into a rut of eating the same foods and salad to go boxes from the dining hall whenever I’m at school. I can’t wait for next year when I’ll be living in an apartment and have space to cook as much as I want!

One of my favorite things ever- the mermaid bowl from Living Foods in Oxford. It’s pineapple, banana, mango and blue spirulina with granola and all my favorite toppings.
You may have seen this from my Nashville recap, but this was dinner at Chuy’s restaurant before the Lumineers concert. I got the homemade chicken tortilla soup!
This was from when I was home for MLK Jr Day back in January, but just a yummy taco salad bowl with chicken, salsa, guac, and corn! These are so easy to throw together but so good.
Living Foods again, but I branched out this time, haha. This was the traditional acai bowl topped with pineapple, strawberry, and peanut butter. We got free smoothie bowls for their restaurant anniversary and it was so good.
This was the walnut and goat cheese salad from The Grill, a place in Starkville. I went with some friends after church and the whole vibe of the restaurant was so happy and fresh.
One of the only dorm meals in this post, but the one I make the most often. Avocado toast never fails to hit the spot. This is Dave’s Killer bread, 1/3 an avocado, fried egg, and lemon pepper seasoning on top!
When I came home one weekend, my mom had this yummy chicken and wild rice soup cooking in the Instant Pot. It was creamy, warm, and super flavorful- YUM.
This was a super flavorful salad I made when some friends came to Oxford one weekend. It was a base of spring mix and arugula, lemon garlic quinoa, avocado, grilled chicken, and feta!
Another smoothie bowl picture, wow! This was at a super cute restaurant in Nashville, Franklin Juice Co. I got the acai bowl with coconut, cashew, and blueberries!
This is a simple dining hall meal from Monday afternoon, but it really filled me up! Fruit salad with granola, roasted veggies, and a big salad with corn, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and turkey!

Now I’m hungry and craving a smoothie bowl, haha, but I hope you enjoyed this little food recap! I love cooking and baking new recipes, so I want to make this a regular series! Happy weekend!

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