February Recap + Favorites

Happy March! Whenever I think of March, I think of spring, and I can’t wait for sunny weather and blooming flowers everywhere. February in one word- RAIN. It rained so much all month. There were a few super cold days, but most were in the fifties with cloudy skies and pouring rain every single week. I’m so ready for sunshine and warm weather and growing plants that comes with spring! February actually went by pretty quickly, but it was also a jam-packed month for me. I feel like I’m finally getting into my routine with my new college schedule and how I spend my days depending on how much free time I have. Last semester I got so overwhelmed with my schedule and priorities and extracurriculars and it’s nice to have a sense of time management and control over it all, haha. I don’t have too much going on in March, but spring break is less than a week away, and we are going to the beach for a few days, so that’s definitely something fun to look forward to!

Wearing // I basically lived in big sweatshirts and leggings all month, but on the days I did decide to dress up a bit more, I found myself gravitating towards my new American Eagle sweaters I got earlier this year! Unfortunately, they don’t sell them on the website anymore, but they just got lots of new arrivals and they’re all so cute. But speaking of leggings, I got my first pair of lululemon leggings this month and they are definitely worth the hype! They were technically a Christmas present but I accidentally got the wrong style, so we exchanged them and I’m finally able to wear them!

Watching // Ever since I finished Friday Night Lights back in January, I haven’t really been hooked on a show, so I haven’t watched as much (which is probably a good thing, haha). I did watch the new PS I Still Love You movie on Netflix, which was cheesy, but good, and lots of random YouTube videos. A new season of Survivor started this month as well, so I’ve been keeping up with it and watching it with my dad and siblings.

Reading // I read four books this month! I’m trying to stay on my reading kick and meet my yearly reading goal, and so far I’m ahead of schedule! This month I read This is Our Story, The Lying Woods, My Lady Jane, and Girl in Pieces. The first two were probably my favorites of the month, and the last two were a bit slower reads, but still good. This is Our Story was probably one of my favorite reads of the year so far- it was a contemporary mystery with a twist at the end.

Eating // I was on a big granola and popcorn kick this month, which is so random, haha. I just love the crunch and convenience of mindlessly snacking, while still being (kinda) healthy. My favorite popcorn is the Boom Chicka Pop light kettle corn flavor, and I also love white cheddar Skinny Pop and Lesser Evil coconut popcorn. Granola wise, I tried the Kashi Peanut Butter Crunch, which was so good and gone in less than a week, haha. But besides that, I found my new favorite granola of all time. I’ve always seen Purely Elizabeth granolas in Kroger and never gotten any, but I found this peanut butter chocolate bag on sale on amazon and decided to try it. SO GOOD. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but it’s amazing. I literally ate it in three days… oops.

Listening // I was back on a music kick this month, so I have a lot of new songs to share. First and foremost, I listened to lotssss of Lumineers this month in preparation for the concert and then afterwards, I was still super obsessed. Other than that, I loved Mean It by LANY, Mona Lisa by Valntn, Intentions by Justin Bieber and Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift. Podcast wise, I’ve been listening to Passion City Church DC with Ben Stuart and the D Group Bible Recap podcast that goes along with my bible reading plan.

Doing // I honestly did a lot this month. Almost every weekend I had fun plans, and I tried to stay super productive during the school weeks as well. The first weekend of February some college friends came to Oxford with me, and the next weekend I was actually back in Oxford for my dad’s birthday. It was so fun to come home and have some chill family time and celebrating him. We also recorded a podcast episode if you want to check it out :). The third weekend of February, I went on a retreat with the Wesley foundation, the next weekend, my cousin came to Starkville to spend the night so I got to show her around, and then last weekend I spent the night at my grandmother’s house and went to my brother’s soccer games. During the week, I’ve kind of gotten into a routine of classes, working out, going to the coffee shop, grocery shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Buying // The bulk of my spending goes to food, which is a habit I really need to stop, haha. I actually gave up unnecessary spending for Lent so I’ve been better at it the past week, but I love going to Kroger and getting things like Kombucha, granola, popcorn, nuts, sparkling water, fresh fruit, just random stuff. I’ve also been eyeing this adorable swimsuit from aerie for this summer, but haven’t bought it yet!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, hope you enjoyed this little recap, haha. I’m so excited for March and spring!

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  1. Hey Addie! I love your blog! I think it’s really cool how during the month of March we both got our first pair of Lululemon leggings! Like how cool is that? Anyways, I love reading your blog and I think it’s so inspiring! I hope you have a great day!

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