Photo Diary No. 3

Hello and welcome back to another photo diary post! These are some of my favorite posts, because they are basically a big recap of the past few months with lots of fun pictures. I absolutely love taking pictures/videos to have to look back on, and it was a goal of mine for this year to be more intentional with taking pictures and capturing memories. Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, this will be a bigger photo dump than usual, but I cant wait to do one at the end of the summer with all my summer pics!

thankfully we went to the beach right before COVID hit and we had to stay at home. it was such a fun trip with my fam and grandmother!
I’ve had this picture on my bulletin board forever and I finally recreated it! it was such a relaxing afternoon spent painting
our neighbors down the street from us have a lake, so we’ve had lots of afternoons spent fishing and reading 🙂
self timer pic after a sibling 4 mile run! I’ve been loving my daily runs around town
lotsssss of baking the past few months- this was “cookie dough banana bread” and it was bomb
I found this old coloring book in a box under my bed and it’s actually so relaxing to color for a while- even more fun when it’s harry potter themed!
we went to my grandmother’s house for memorial day and played a 2 hour long game of phase 10- I won!
ate lots of smoothie bowls to go from my favorite restaurant!
even tho all my siblings and I love harry potter, my parents had never seen the movies, so we decided to have a movie marathon over the past couple of weeks!
on this day, we made hobo packs over the firepit in the backyard and it was such a pretty night!
6 mile sunday with my best friends- had to take a self timer pic halfway through, haha
my favorite dessert place in oxford is Yaya’s fro yo- lots of fro yo dates the past few months
how pretty is this sunset? my friend and i took dinner to go and had a sunset picnic at this lookout on the outskirts of town!
more smoothie bowls!
reading on the beach is the most relaxing thing ever!

Can’t wait to share more pictures in the future, hope everyone is having a great summer 🙂

2 thoughts on “Photo Diary No. 3

  1. These are so good!! You will never regret taking too many pictures. It is always great to be able to look back at the memories you have made and all the things you are thankful for.

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