Fort Morgan Beach Recap

This past week, I went on vacation with my family to Fort Morgan Beach, Alabama, and it was such a fun, relaxing trip! We honestly didn’t do much and just stayed at the condo/beach the whole time, but it was so nice to relax by the ocean and pool all day. I was there from Saturday to Wednesday with my younger brother and grandmother, and then the rest of my family came down Wednesday night and we were there until that Saturday. This was the longest I’ve been at the beach, but I soaked up every minute of it! It was kind of overcast most of the week, with rain a couple of days at the beginning, but it was so humid compared to back home in Oxford. Overall, it was so good to get away for a bit!

It was fun to kind of get into a daily “beach routine” of waking up around 8, chilling around the condo for a bit, then getting ready for the day. I would usually go for a run around our condo complex area, and it felt so good to get a sweat in and move before chilling at the beach for most of the day. I would only run 3 or 4, but I would finish my run DRIPPING because of the humidity, haha. Quick change into a swimsuit, grab a book and chair, and we’d head to the beach! It was about a 3 minute walk from our condo down the boardwalk, and the water felt so good. We had gone back in March and it was freezing, but this time it was so refreshing and cool. I’d read for a while (I read 4 books last week alone!), tan, and then run into the ocean to cool off. I love the pool, but nothing compares to swimming in the ocean! We’d head back up for a late lunch, usually consisting of lots of watermelon, and then play card games with our grandmother before heading back out for another afternoon beach session. We usually made most of our dinners in the condo, but one night we went to this little food truck area with games and live music! It was such a fun trip, and I can’t wait for my next one! PS: If you want to see more pictures and keep up with me, be sure to follow my instagram!

xoxo, Addie

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