Lunch and Shopping on the Square

Today was so fun, because I got to hang out with my friend Claire for the afternoon. We ate lunch, walked to the Square, looked around and shopped, then got ice cream from Holli’s Sweet Tooth. I loved going in some new shops I hadn’t been to in a while, and there were some great Christmas sales going on!

We met up for lunch at a restaurant called Big Bad Breakfast. Although they offer a lunch menu, Claire and I each got a waffle. They were humongous! I got a big Belgian waffle with whipped cream, strawberries, syrup, and a side of bacon. I had never been to that restaurant before, but it was really good! I loved the cozy atmosphere and the service was really fast.





After we ate, we paid and started walking to the Square. In Oxford, it’s the center of town where there are lots of shops, restaurants, and boutiques. I love going there and seeing all the new items in the shops. And it was decorated for Christmas with tons of lights and a big Christmas tree by the city hall!




The first place we went to was a shop called Lulu’s. It’s one of my favorite stores on the Square, I love everything in it! It’s a shoe and accessories store, so the whole shop is filled with shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, socks, purses, and so much more! I love the cute displays set up in there. The decorations are always so cute- especially the Christmas ones!

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We stayed in Lulu’s for a bit, browsing the shelves while we waited for the rain to pass. Then, we headed next door to a store called Miss Behavin. I hardly ever go in there, but I’m so glad I went, because I loved all the clothes! They are having an eight-day countdown to Christmas by giving away a free thing everyday. All you have to do is repost a picture from their instagram and tag them, then show them in the store that you did it and pick out your size in the item! So far, they’ve given away free sunglasses, earrings, suede pants, a shirt, and today’s deal was a t-shirt dress. Unfortunately, by the time we got in there, the dresses were all gone. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s deal is and stop by early! I found a sale rack and bought some summery, patterned shorts for ten dollars!


IMG_2563 (1)

The next place we went to was a t-shirt shop called JCG Apparel. It’s probably my favorite t-shirt shop, because they sell so many different shirts in so many different styles! There are lots of Ole Miss and Rebel shirts, including sweatshirts and caps. But my favorites are the shirts from the Oxford line. There are shirts with pockets that say “Oxford Town” or “Mississippi” that I really like. I always like looking in there to check out the new shirts they get in every so often!



We also stopped in a store called The Lily Pad. I found a lot of cute stuff, but it was all really expensive. They sell a variety of things, from jewelry to t-shirts to home decor. There were two wallets I really liked, as well as some adorable ornaments. I didn’t get anything, but it’s always fun to look in there!


The next place we went was another t-shirt store called Cat Daddy’s. They also sell some great t-shirts that I love, and they sell really comfortable sweatshirts! I like the solid color shirts with O X F O R D printed across the front. They sell these in sweatshirts too. I think the white or the navy colors would be the best because then they would match with everything. But there were so many options to choose from. Dozens of shirts lined the walls of the store!



We left Cat Daddy’s and headed down the road a bit until we reached Holli’s Sweet Tooth. Holly’s sells the best candy and ice cream ever! Everything is so good, and there are so many things to choose from. Lollipops as big as your head, walls of candy, freezers full of Sugaree’s cakes, everything is so delicious! I got cookie dough ice cream in a cake cone. It was so good!



The last place we went was Material Girls. They sell all sorts of cute clothes and accessories, but it’s pretty expensive. I did see a pullover that I really liked in the sale rack. But the reason it was back there was because the stitching was coming undone in the right sleeve. Even though it was messed up, it was still twenty dollars! Maybe it will drop if no one buys it. I might could fix it if I got it for a good price! I loved looking at all the cute items in material girls, but I didn’t get anything.


shopping at material girls

So that concludes my afternoon outing with Claire! I had so much fun today, and even though I went in all those shops, I only came home having bought one item of clothing! It’s always fun to meet at the Square and walk around, there are always so many different things to do there. What is your favorite shop on the Square? Tell me down below!


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