5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles

There are some days when we are in such a rush there’s barely any time to do anything to our hair. At least, it always seems like that to me, so I usually swap out between a few select hairstyles that I like. None of these take more than ten minutes for me, and I have a lot of long, thick hair. Definitely try these hairstyles out if you’re ever in a rush!

1. Divide your hair by your part. Brush it all so it’s completely untangled. Take strands from each side of your head, then cross them over to the back. Braid them down the middle, and secure with a ponytail holder. I usually make the pieces I use pretty big, but you can vary the size. If you use small strands from each side, try braiding or twisting them for extra detail.



2. If you need a quick way to keep your hair or bangs out of your face, try using a cute headband. There are all different kinds, but I like the ones that wrap completely around my head. I use a brown and white striped one all the time. You can leave your hair down, or put it in a ponytail. Just add a headband and you’re good to go!


3. Spruce up a simple ponytail by adding a mini braid down the middle. After you’ve put up your ponytail like regular, take piece from the top of your ponytail. It should be about 1/3 of your overall hair. Divide the chunk into three pieces, then braid them neatly. Secure with a small ponytail holder. You’re done!


4. For this next hairstyle, it works best if you have a side part. But if you’re like me and your part is straight down the middle, it’s pretty easy to make one. Just separate your hair where you want it and brush it all the way through. Now, on the side of the head that has the most hair, take a portion of hair and braid it behind the ear. Use about one-third to one-half of the hair on that side, the braid should be pretty big. After you’ve finished, if you choose to braid a smaller part on the other side, you can. It looks good either way!


5. This next hairstyle takes a bit longer to do, about ten minutes for me, but it turns out being super cute! Divide your hair straight down the middle. Make sure it’s well-brushed. Start at the top of one side, and French braid all the way down until you can finish it off with a regular braid. Repeat on the other side, and you’re done! If you don’t have enough time to do full braids, you could French braid just your bangs or the front of your hair, then finish it off with a regular braid. It’s half braid, half regular hair!



So those are some quick and easy hairstyles for when you’re ever in a rush and need to do something quick. Whenever I do these, they take ten minutes or less, and they end up turning out really cute! Which was your favorite hairstyle? Let me know below!

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