Link Roundup Vol. 2

Happy July! I feel like June seriously flew by, and we’re already halfway through summer! I’ve had a pretty chill past few weeks. Besides going to the beach for a few days, I’ve mainly been at home or at work all of May and June. I’m leaving for Hilton Head in a few days, and I’m so excited because I’ve never been to South Carolina before! It honestly doesn’t even feel like a real summer with everything going on, so I love getting out of town for a few days and having some time at the beach. Today’s post is a little link roundup from some of my favorite posts, sites, and products I’ve seen in the past few months! I did one of these back in November and it’s so fun to compile all my recent links into one post, enjoy!

WindowSwap // I spent a solid 20 minutes just fascinated by this site, clicking through all the windows. It’s basically a bunch of different videos of windows that people have submitted from all over the world. They all have sound, so it’s actually so calming to hear cars down the street in Mexico or a rainy day in New York.

Bedtime Checklist // I loved this post from Glitter Guide on a bedtime routine checklist! Without having school or much structure to my day, I feel like I have really random morning and night routines. It’s definitely something I want to get better at, so I love this post about things to make sure you get done before bed each night.

Charleston Travel Guide // Charleston is definitely on my travel bucket list, and this post was so fun to read through about Viviane’s favorite spots! I love looking through travel guides from other bloggers to see their favorite spots. I honestly save so many of them to look back at later if I ever go on a trip to that city, haha.

30 Day Photo Challenge // I’ve been trying to keep up with my second instagram, @lifebyaddie for past few months, but I’ve been lacking in motivation on what pictures to post. I really like this photo challenge with ideas of pictures and inspo! Be sure to keep up on instagram to see more of my pics 🙂

Deep Writing Prompts // Something I really want to do more in the coming months is journal to deeper prompts. I journal every night in a separate journal that’s just about my day, but I never really journal personal thoughts or what’s going on in life at the moment. I loved this post about writing prompts, I definitely need to try them!

Gryffindor Inspired Bedroom // Anyone who knows me knows I love Harry Potter, and I think this bedroom is so cute! I like that it’s Gryffindor themed without being too over the top or cheesy. This blog has a whole series of different rooms of the house that are all Harry Potter related, I’m obsessed.

Garlic Lime Sweet Potato Fries // I saw these on Pinterest the other day and had to save it to try to make later. These fries look so good! I usually don’t like sweet potatoes, but I actually don’t mind them in fry form, and I never would have thought to season them with garlic and lime. Yummmm.

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