my productive summer morning routine

Hi everyone! This post is definitely a long time coming, seeing as it’s almost August and about to not be summer anymore, but I really wanted to share my productive summer morning routine that I’ve created over the past couple of weeks! I’m the type of person that craves routine and consistency, and I’ve definitely been slacking this summer. It’s been hard to stay consistent when I would wake up at random times depending on when I had work/how tired I was/how late I stayed up the night before. I would always be motivated the night before to have a productive morning, but when I actually woke up the next day, I lost motivation and slacked off. It’s definitely been hard to stay disciplined and wake up early enough to follow my routine, but I feel so much better throughout the day!

I originally had time stamps for each line of the morning routine but it’s not always the same. I used to have two different routines depending on if I have work in the morning (my shifts start at 9) or later in the afternoon, but I realized that inconsistency kind of hurt me rather than helped me. Now I try to wake up around the same time whether or not I have work, even if that means losing an hour or two of sleep. Typically, I wake up at 6:30 because my sister has cross country practice at 7, so her alarm wakes me up too. I get  dressed and drop her off, then go ahead and get my workout in for the day. I used to just go back to sleep after her alarm and push my workout until later in the day, but I love getting it done in the morning. I’m currently training for a half marathon, so I have a training plan that gives me specific runs to do each day. I really like running at the trails near my house because it’s shady and pretty flat!

After the run, I’ll head home to shower and get ready for the day. When I have work at 9, I wear a cuter outfit, usually a dress or a skirt with a summer top. Otherwise, it’s lulu shorts and a t-shirt, haha. Another thing that I’ve really been trying to prioritize in my mornings is my devotion time. I’m following a chronological bible plan where I read a few chapters every day, but I’m also reading the book “Beholding and Becoming” and following the journal guide that came with it! I would usually push my reading off until before bed and not get much out of my devotion, so I’ve been really trying to schedule at least 30 minutes a day to focus on the word.

Depending on if i have work or not, my breakfast varies. For work, I’ll usually grab a protein bar and an apple and eat it on the go, but if I have more time, I’ll try to make a more intricate meal. I love smoothie bowls, egg + spinach wraps, or protein oatmeal! Brush my teeth, grab my keys, and I’ll head to work! I work at a local shoe store downtown and absolutely love my job. I work with the best people and it’s so fun! If I don’t have the morning shift, I’ll try to keep busy at home. I hate feeling like I’m wasting my days on my phone or sitting around, so I usually have a to-do list to conquer. I’ll edit a video, write a blog post, organize my bedroom, read for a while, or run errands. Honestly not that interesting, haha.

Hope you enjoyed my little summer morning routine! What’s your favorite part of your routine?

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