Fashion Feature: Sunkissed Earth Jewelry

I absolutely love pearl and leather necklaces. They have become really popular lately, and they are so cute! Since they are made of just a few pearls and black or brown leather, the  design is pretty simple. They match with everything and can really add detail to an outfit! I found a great company that sells these necklaces, and for a great price too! The company is an etsy shop called Sunkissed Earth, they sell many adorable styles of necklaces!

This shop sells all sorts of cute accessories, but I was sent three of the necklaces from the leather and pearl line. The packaging was adorable, two of the necklaces came in a little woven pouch, while the other necklace came in its own gift box!




The first two that came in the little pouch were the Single Pearl Necklace and the Three Wishes Necklace. The one in the gift box was the Knotty Three Wishes Necklace, which is similar to the regular one, but with knots in between each pearl. They are so cute! Since it is just leather string and pearl, they match with everything, so it’s easy to pair it with either a t-shirt or a nicer sweater. 





The way these necklaces are made allows the necklace to easily come on and off. You just have to slip the pearl through a leather loop in the back and it comes right off! The pearl is a faux pearl, but it has a beautiful size and shape, it’s perfect! The material is great, it is actually made with a vegan leather, which means it is all natural!


My sister, Ella,  modeled the necklaces for a few pictures in three different outfits. The first outfit was a blue and green sweater from Target, jeans from Target, and the Three Wishes Necklace.






The next outfit we put together was with the Knotty Three Wishes Necklace. Ella also wore a checkered button up and a vest that were both from Old Navy, along with the same jeans from Target.





The last outfit was my favorite. Ella has on a knit sweater, the Single Leather and Pearl Necklace, and an adorable pom-pom hat. The sweater is from Gap and her jeans are from Target, but I’m not sure where the hat is from.





So those were some different winter outfits along with ways to style leather and pearl necklaces! Winter is beginning to hit full force, it’s getting colder and colder these days! If you’re looking for a simple and cheap way to spruce up an outfit, check out Sun Kissed Earth jewelry! What’s even better is that you can get 15% off your entire purchase with my discount code: ADDIE15! Let me know if you find anything you like, and comment below your favorite outfit Ella wore!


FTC: Thank you to Sunkissed Earth for sponsoring this post. Although I received the necklaces for free in order to write the post, all opinions are solely my own. 

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