Fun Patterned Socks

 At the beginning of the school year, I had planned to try to dress nice almost every day. I had a bunch of outfits planned out and I organized my closet and got rid of stuff I no longer wear. I was going to try and make it the whole school year (or at least the first semester) wearing cute, nicer clothes. There are still some days that I wear those things, but I definitely haven’t been dressing up everyday like I had originally planned.  On my lazy days when I wear something more laid back, it’s always fun to brighten up the outfit with a pair of fun socks! I see so many cute ones everywhere around school, and I’ve compiled a few of my favorites down below! Enjoy!

fun patterned socks

 dog socks // pink and blue and brown geometric // glittery eye socks // green and pink floral socks // balloon socks // green avocado socks

Which are your favorite? Let me know below!

xoxo, Addie

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