Fashion Feature- Wear Sawyer

Wear Sawyer is a new company that sells high quality sunglasses and t-shirts. The company was established by two college students with a love for adventure and a search to experience life in greater detail. They created the company to feed their love for taking a chance and desire for something new. I’m really happy to announce that I was picked to be a campus rep for this amazing company!

I applied a few weeks ago and was so happy to receive my acceptance letter! This is a great company with really high quality. The sunglasses are a bit expensive, but they will last a long time. All sunglasses come with their own bamboo case, a cleaning cloth, and a polarization test. The sunglasses are made to not sink fast, they are buoyant. In fact, two pairs, the Surfsider and the Mangrove, won’t sink at all! The t-shirts are very well made, they won’t rip or ruin easily. They even have a pocket, which I love.

Wear Sawyer sells three different types of sunglasses. My personal favorite are the Harbor Master. They come in many different lens colors, my favorite is the blue. I think they would be perfect for sunny days, whether it’s at the pool, beach, or just out and about.


They also sell the Surfsider, Mangrove, and the Zebra Wood. These are pretty similar, except the Zebra Wood are made of a detailed type of wood, and they don’t float quite as easily. The Surfsider and Mangrove are each just darker shades of each other. I think these are great too. They resemble the Ray- Bans pretty closely, but they are much cheaper!

The Surfsider
The Mangrove
The Zebra Wood

The t-shirts they sell are available in white and navy blue. They have a front pocket and “LIVE LIFE RICHER” on the back. They are made with the super soft Comfort Colors material, and they are pre-shrunk when you buy them!

fashion feature- wear sawyer fashion feature- wear sawyer


So Wear Sawyer is a new sunglasses and t-shirt company with some great products. Any of their things would make the perfect Christmas gift! If you want 10 percent off your entire order,  use my code, “athompson10”. Because who doesn’t want a good deal?

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