Decorating For Christmas

Around my house, we are pretty much as decorated as we ever will be. We don’t go all out on the decorations, but we always have a few Christmas trees and lots of ornaments! This year, my little brother Quinn was probably the most excited out of everyone about the decorating. He wanted to help me out and take some pictures with our decorations for this post!

We have three Christmas trees, a big one that goes in the living room, and two smaller ones that go in each upstairs bedroom. Quinn has a green tree with mainly red and white ornaments in his room, and he loves it! His favorite ornament is a mini snow globe that hangs by a red ribbon.



In my room, we have a white Christmas tree with colored lights and mainly blue and silver ornaments. The star at the top is a glittery silver, and Quinn can just barely reach it!



Downstairs in the living room, we have our big green tree with lots and lots of ornaments. We have a sort of color scheme with all of our presents. It’s a mix of blues, grays, and whites. Quinn loves the snowflake ornaments the most out of all the ones on that tree. He also found a big present with his name on it!




Apart from the Christmas trees, we have a few other decorations. Our stockings are hung on the mantle (with care) by stocking holders that have different things on them. There are words- Wish and Noel, a snowflake, two crosses, and one made out of wood that you can hang a picture on. My stocking is hanging on the snowflake!



An easy way to decorate for the holidays is to put some blue or silver ornaments in a mason jar. They really add a fun holiday feel, and it matches with the color scheme of everything else in my house!


We also have two Christmas pillows that are just triangle Christmas trees made out of fun patterns and shades of blue. We have them in our chairs in our living room, and they look so cute!


The final decoration at our house is a big star that lights up at night. We have it hanging outside in one of the windows, and it looks really cool when we turn it on! decorating with a star

So those are some of the ways my house is decorated for Christmas!  How are you decorating this year? Let me know below! There’s only one week until Christmas, and I think Quinn is the most excited out of everyone!


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