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It was 55 degrees on my walk to class today, so I feel like fall is finally on its way here! I have been pretty busy with school the past few weeks and haven’t had as much time to read as I hoped, but I’m trying to be better about making more time for it! One thing that has helped me knock a few books off my list is listening to audiobooks, which I usually check out on Libby from my library for free. It’s nice to be able to have a book on in the background while driving, walking to class, or even cleaning/laundry. However, nothing compares to a physical copy of a book, and I think fall is the perfect time for cozying up with a good read! This list is a mix of thrillers, fantasy, and “dark academia” genres, which I don’t usually read. I feel like fall is the perfect time to try new genres and experiment with books that may be out of my comfort zone!

The Atlas Six // This has been on my list since I heard it recommended last year, and it’s gotten great reviews on Goodreads. I’ve heard it’s a mix of dark academia mixed with magic. Six talented magicians are competing to earn a place in a secret society, which sounds so interesting!

Meant to Be // I’ve read a few of Emily Giffin’s books, and this is her most recent release. It’s kind of a retelling of the JFK Jr. love story, set in the 1980s/90s!

King of Scars // I loved the Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows books, and this is the third series in the Grishaverse. I’ve been wanting to read it since the spring, but still haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Ninth House // This is another of Leigh Bardugo’s books, but it’s darker, and has more adult themes, while her others are YA. It’s set at Yale and has secret societies and forbidden magic!

Dance of Thieves // I don’t know much about this book, but I’ve been seeing it on book recommendation videos and want to try out a new fantasy series! It honestly reminds me a lot of Six of Crows based off the synopsis.

The Whisper Man // I’m not sure if this is more of a thriller or considered horror, because I definitely don’t want to read a super scary book! It’s about a father and son who are caught int he investigation of a serial killer.

Caraval series // I actually started the first book of the series a few weeks ago, but haven’t read any more of it. It’s another fantasy series that’s been really popular recently!

The Great Alone // I read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah over the summer, and this is another really popular book by her. One of my friends recommended it to me and I can’t wait to read it!

If We Were Villains // This is another “dark academia” genre book, about a group of college students and one of their classmates, who shows up dead. 

The Westing Game // I remember reading this book back in middle school and thought it would be fun to reread! I loved the twists and turns in the mystery.

The Secret History // This book is really similar to If We Were Villains, and it’s about a group of students investigating the murder of one of their friends. I’ve heard it’s really long and a little hard to read, so it’s not quite at the top of my list!

A Deadly Education // The synopsis of this book reminds me a lot of Harry Potter, about a school for magic and students learning to fight monsters and creatures that roam the school. I think it could be a fun fall read!

Rock Paper Scissors // I’m listening to this on audiobook right now, so I’m excited to get more into it! It’s a thriller with a big twist at the end (or so I’ve heard!)

What’s at the top of your reading list?

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