photo diary no. 4: summer recap + start of school!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a photo diary, but these are so fun to make! I basically just go through my photo album or VSCO and choose some of my favorite photos throughout the past few months, then give a caption about what I was up to! I feel like I’ve been so busy the past few months that this blog has been pushed to the backburner, and I haven’t really updated on my life as much as I used to. The summer seriously flew by, and now here we are almost to October… it’s insane. I was home for a few weeks in May, but I actually lived in New York all summer as a live-in nanny. I got home mid-August and had a few days with my family, and now have been in school for about five weeks now! I thought this would be a fun way to catch up on my life and share some fun pics too!

I got to go to a few baseball games spring semester, and they were really fun! My parents and siblings came to Starkville at the beginning of May and we saw a game together.
The last week of May, my family went on a trip to Blue Ridge, GA. How pretty is the mountain view outside of our cabin?
This was probably my favorite day of the trip- we rented a pontoon boat and tubed on Lake Blue Ridge!
I had a few days at home in Oxford before I moved to New York for the summer, and really tried to soak up time with my family! Tried to get into tennis- but I’m very bad at it haha.
June 1, I packed up and moved to New York for the summer! I spent the first couple of week sin the city, and tried lots of new coffee shops. Ralph’s matcha was so good.
I got to meet a few new friends in the city through my nanny agency. One night my friend Alice and I got dinner and walked around the Empire State Building!
This was one of the coolest experiences- we got to take a boat ride around the city at dinner time!
More NYC exploring! On this day, we started at Washington Square Park, then walked to the West Side Highway and into Greenwich Village.
The rest of the summer, I was nannying three boys in the Hamptons. This was the first night we were all back together and had a family dinner!
One thing I learned about the Hamptons is that people love to bike everywhere! Our house was pretty close to town, so we would always bike when we had time.
The house had such a pretty backyard, and the family had the sweetest golden retriever- he loved to “play soccer”!
July fourth baking! We made a flag cake for the party that night.
This is one of my favorite sunsets I’ve ever seen. It was down at the beach at the end of my road, and I couldn’t get over the colors!
About halfway through July, my parents came up to NY to visit for a few days! They spent two nights in the Hamptons, then we went to the city for the weekend. I loved showing them around and exploring!
One weekend, the boys didn’t feel the best, and we had a Harry Potter marathon. We watched all eight movies in about three days!
Another nanny friend and I decided to wake up early one day and watch the sunrise. It was insanely pretty, the best start to the day!
During my last week nannying, I took the boys to a carnival in a town about 30 minutes away. It was actually so fun, and we ended the night with the ferris wheel!
Back home! I had a quick turnaround between New York and going back to school- just about 5 days in Oxford until senior year started. Went on a fun fro-yo date with my brother 🙂
It’s (almost) fall, so of course it’s time for my yearly rewatch of Gilmore Girls. I love having it on in the background while doing homework.
A couple of weekends ago, a group of friends and I went to Smith Lake for a night! It was so much fun, and we were all cozied up on air mattresses in the living room.
Saturday morning, we made a big brunch for everyone before we went out on the lake. Pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and fruit!
Like I mentioned earlier, I seriously love the lake! We spent about eight hours on the boat, tubing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. It was the perfect weather and everyone loved it!
I went home for the weekend last Friday, and it was great to be home and relax after a busy week. My brother, sister, and I went to our local coffee shop before church!
After church on Sunday we had a family lunch on the back deck. How cute is this little snack board my mom set up?

Hope you enjoyed this little life update! It was honestly a fun trip down memory lane for me to go back and look at these pictures again, haha!

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