Christmas Is Coming- Now What?

There’s less than a month until Christmas 2015! How exciting is that? Time sure has gone by fast, and hopefully these next few weeks of school will zip by. Then, it’ll finally be time for family, travel, presents, and fun this holiday! Read on to discover how to get ready for the upcoming season. If this won’t get you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will!

1. Make a Christmas List. No surprise there. Making a Christmas list of all of your most- wanted items is a must. This year, make it a bit more fun. Make a Pinterest board of your wishlist, that way you can have the links and pictures to everything you want. It’s easy to send the link to family and friends if they need any ideas. It’s also fun to make lists on what you’re going to get everyone else in your family. Having everything neat and organized makes it all the more enjoyable.Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.39.13 PM

2. Go find some Christmas pajamas. Having fun and cozy pajamas for Christmas is a fun tradition. The whole family could all be matching in red and green coziness! Be sure to snap some pics while you’re at it! J. Crew has some really cute ones.                     Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.14.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.14.13 PM

3. Create a Christmas Playlist. You definitely need some holiday tunes to brighten up the mood. Play these songs all day, every day. In class, in the hallways, in the car, in the shower, everywhere! Some of my favorites are the “Christmas Portrait” album by the Carpenters, and the “When My Heart Finds Christmas” album by Harry Connick Jr.spotify-13935554

4. Decorate your house. Check out a post about how to do this here. This post is about 10 ways to get your house ready for Christmas! If your house is “Christmassy”, you’re sure to get in the holiday spirit if you’re surrounded by decorations! Set up the tree, hang stockings and lights everywhere,  collect Christmas cards, and more!                                                                         

5. Wrap some presents. After you’ve been Christmas shopping, you’re going to need to wrap up all those gifts. Find some fun and creative ways to wrap those presents. Maybe have a theme of certain colors, or try to use more ribbon and bows this year. Something fun to do is use “brown bag” brown wrapping paper for the gifts, and decorate it with a wash tape, blue ribbon or white polka dots. Polka dots are easy: bottom of a pencil (eraser), white stamp ink, and paper! Just stamp away!3dae88b144ca65b80dbbae7380bc99c7

6. Organize a Christmas party. Whether it’s with your family or friends, Christmas parties are always fun to host and go to. Decorate with lots of Christmas decorations, make delicious food and drinks (hot chocolate, anyone?), and invite people who will make the party enjoyable! Wherever you host the party, be sure to have enough activities prepared for all the guests!     fa6961a9d4efcd0b3fa07d1156e6b1f9

7. Go Christmas shopping. After you’ve made your list on what to get all of your friends and family, go out shop! It’s never too early to go shopping, but don’t let it get to late, or everything will be gone! Always try to find the best deals! (check out the gift guide). photo3_2b_v2_m56577569832540982 img-thing kate-shoppingbag_1

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