What’s On My Bedside Table

I’ve really been into decor and organization lately, and I love touching up my room and switching things around a little. Something I always like to redo from time to time is my bedside table! I was cleaning my room the other day and decided to sit down and really work on my table, and I love how it looks now! I keep my most used books on the top shelf, and then my pens, little trays, and notebooks/other books on the bottom shelf. Today I’m sharing  some of my favorite items on my bedside table, keep reading for more details!

TOP SHELF: running journal // bible option // similar journal // all in all journaling devotional

BOTTOM SHELF: simple pursuit // white “everything” journal // the green letters // wild and free // rifle paper co journals

On my top shelf, I keep my running journal, my bible, my daily journal, and my devotional book. I use my running journal to log each day’s practices and how I felt in them. My bible and daily journal are pretty self explanatory, and then this devotional book is fairly new. I love it so far, each day you read a section and look up verses and journal about it inside the book itself. I found the white frame and then the picture inside is actually part of a stationary set I got for a dollar at Target!

On the bottom shelf, I keep a random assortment of journals and books. I have Simple Pursuit, which is another quick devo book with a page a day, a few journals for my ideas, The Green Letters, which I’m currently reading, Wild and Free, which I’m also reading through at the moment, and then some extra journals where I take notes on my devotion or the sermon at youth.

I also have two little trays to keep random things like money, hair ties, earrings I may wear soon, and headphones. I love having these because then it’s easy to just grab them instead of looking through a box or getting out of bed for them. Lastly, I have a little container with some extra scrunchies, and then a pencil holder with all my highlighters and some colored pens. I also use a face mask sometimes when I can’t get to sleep so I keep it around my bed when I’m not using it!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my room! xoxo


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