The Friday Five

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week, I’ve been super busy with school and sports recently. Today I’m leaving at 12 to head to Alabama for my first away cross country meet, and I’m super excited! It’s a really fun race and the course is great, people usually get PRs there, which is what I’m aiming to do. After the race, we’ll come home and I’ll get right back to studying, studying, studying because I have a test next Monday! The schoolwork never ends- read on for my favorite links of the week!


One // Giant Poptart Recipe: I found this recipe for making a huge poptart and it looks amazing!

Two // Sayonara, Summer Stripes: Have you seen my latest outfit post about my last summer stripes outfit?

Three //Β 20 things to do this fall: Fall is finally here, and I love this fun list of activities to do!

Four // Transitioning Into Fall: I loved Frannie’s post about her fall transitioning outfit from earlier this week.

Five // Blog Anniversary Giveaway: Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY- the details are on this post!

Thanks for reading! What are your weekend plans?


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