Summer Style Inspo

I know we still have a couple of months until summer, but the warmer the weather gets, the more I start to look forward to summer fashion. I’m so ready to put away all my sweaters and bring out the shorts and tank tops. I feel like I say it every year, but this summer I’m really going to try to step out with my style. It’s so easy to reach for the nike shorts and t-shirts every time I’m going somewhere, but I really want to wear cuter clothes and put more effort into my looks. Pinterest is my biggest source of inspo for outfit ideas, but it can be dangerous because I immediately want to buy any of the clothes I come across. 😉

I feel like I get so stagnant with my style that I never really branch out, but I’m determined to change that this summer. I work at a local shoe store on the Square, and it’s actually been a big help in forcing me to dress up, since we have to dress nice for our shifts. All my coworkers have the cutest outfits, and they inspire me to put more effort into mine, haha. There’s a few major pieces I want to incorporate into my summer style: skirts, graphic tees, and cute tank tops.

Any other summer trends I should add to my list? Only a few more months until summer!

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