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Happy Friday everyone! It’s an early weekend for me because of the Good Friday holiday, and it was nice to finish school yesterday and remember that I didn’t have school the next day. Then I found out we don’t have school Monday either, which was definitely a nice surprise! I’m super excited about this Easter weekend. Tonight my family is driving up to Clinton, where we used to live, to spend the night and visit some old friends, and hopefully Saturday we can do a little shopping. Oxford doesn’t have a Target, so any trip to a bigger town means a Target run is inevitable :). Then later on Saturday afternoon we’re going to visit family on my dad’s mom’s side for Easter, and the next day is one of my favorite holidays! I’ve always loved Easter and the traditions behind it. We do easter baskets and the morning church service, and then around lunch I think we are going to our other grandparent’s house for the annual egg hunt. You’re never too old for Easter egg hunts, right?

Besides that little life catch up, today I wanted to share of my top favorite products/items I’ve been using recently. Some I’ve had forever but continue to use and some are recent purchases/finds that I can’t put down. I always love reading other people’s daily essentials to get ideas and products to try myself, so hopefully you find some new products!
  • MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER // I got this for my birthday back in June, and I’ve used it almost every day since. I have two kinds, a cleansing water that you can pour onto a cotton pad to get the oil off your face, and an actual gel cleanser that I use in the shower. It’s really light and simple, and I feel like it is really gentle on my face without a bunch of chemicals. I can definitely tell a difference with my skin too, especially around my forehead, where I used to get lots of breakouts.
  • CARTIER LOVE RING DUPE // This is so random, but ever since I got this ring back in October, I’ve barely taken it off. I love the look of the Cartier rings but there is no way I’d ever drop hundreds of dollars on it, so I took to Amazon to search for dupes. This one was literally 7 dollars and free shipping, but I’m so surprised how good the quality is! I wear it every day, every shower, and it’s barely turned at all. LOVE is inscribed on the inner band and Cartier is even written on the inside. I couldn’t find the exact one I got but hopefully this one works just the same!
  • FAKE TORTOISESHELL GLASSES // I got these over a year ago for 10 bucks from H&M, and I think they’re so fun! I’ve never needed glasses but love the look of the round frames, so I was happy to find a non-prescription pair for so cheap. It’s a fun way to add detail to an outfit and try out a look without spending a bunch. I linked some similar frames from amazon, but they usually have them for cheap in places like forever 21, h&m, etc
  • CHECKERED SLIP ON VANS // I saw everyone with the black and white checkered vans and thought they were cute, but after finding some on Urban Outfitters in a light pink/nude color, I knew I wanted to branch out. I love them! They make any outfit look cooler in my opinion, whether it’s jeans, shorts, or even dresses. They look so cute in the summer with tan skin and an anklet-only a few more months until that’s a reality 🙂
  • BAN.DO AGENDA // is one of my favorite brands ever. I had an agenda from them a couple of years ago, but for Christmas I got the spiral bound one, and it’s a game changer. I love the bigger size and the space to write down anything I need. Plus it comes with so many fun stickers and fun quotes on each weekly spread. The one I have isn’t available anymore, but the one I linked looks super cool; there’s lots of pages for journaling and tips on health/wellness.
  • KIND BAR MINIS // I’ve always loved Kind bars, but I just found out they made mini, on the go versions, and I had to buy a box! I love that they have two different flavors per pack for some variety, and they are easy to throw in my backpack or keep in my car for whenever I need a snack. I’ve tried so many flavors of kind bars, I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I really love the pomegranate açaí one or the caramel almond one.
  • APPLE AIRPODS // I was hesitant to ask for these because they are so expensive, but ever since I got them in December, I’m hooked. They are definitely worth the money in my opinion; I use them almost every day. I love to go for runs and not have to worry about cords, and mine have never fallen, even when I’m jumping around while working out.

Any other essentials I should add to my list? What products do you use every day? Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

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