Productive Things to do in Winter Break

I know during winter break, there’s finally time to sleep as late as you want, lay in bed all day, and watch as much Netflix as you want, and that’s not bad! But the break is also a time that you can use to catch up on some chores, try new things, and get active. It can be really hard to be productive during break, especially after sitting around for so  long. This was me just a few days ago! I’ve been so lazy all break until I finally decided to start getting stuff done! I already feel so much better and more on top of everything. Today’s post includes tips for finding motivation and fun/productive things you can do during the last few days of freedom, enjoy!


To have a productive day, you need to have a productive morning. First things first: wash your face! This helps so much and really makes you feel fresh and  ready to tackle the day. You can use your regular face routine products, or I recommend Clean and Clear Morning Burst, Burts Bees Camomile Cream, and the Pacifica kale face wash. These three things work so well together and leave my face feeling super soft!

Now, take a sheet of paper, a notepad, or the notes app of your phone and make a to do list. This helps me so much when I know what I need to get done for the day. It also gives you a big sense of accomplishment when you can cross out an activity!

When you first wake up, try your best not to gravitate towards your phone immediately. I tell myself not to pick up the phone or any electronics until I’ve at least read a devotion or a few chapters of a book. After I start reading, I forget about the phone anyway! This is a good habit to start  not even just for break, but during the school year as well.

The final thing to do during your productive morning is to dress well. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a fancy dress and heels of course (unless you want to), but get out of your loungewear! Whenever I have sweatpants and a pullover on,  I don’t feel near as motivated as if I had some jeans and a nice top. Do something with your hair, put on your favorite shoes, just something that gets you out of your pjs and ready for the day!

Now that you’re ready for a super fun and productive day, here are a bunch of ideas:

Clean: whenever my room is clean, I feel so much more on top of things and I love the clean space. I never have much time during the school week, but during break I’ve been trying to keep my room super clean, and I love how nice it looks!

Workout: whether this means you get out of the house and head to the gym, go for a run around the block, or just do an ab routine in the bedroom floor, get moving! Even just doing a 30 minute home workout makes me feel so much healthier, and it makes me stop craving all my Christmas candy from my stocking too! 🙂

Make Plans: if you can tell yourself to make plans somewhere, for one, you can have something fun to look forward to, and two, it gets you out of the house and doing something! You could ask a friend to meet for a fun activity, make plans to visit a grandparent for the weekend, or even just a small plan to go out to eat somewhere with your family one night!

Shop: even though Christmas was only a few days ago, shopping (or even window shopping) can still be fun and it gets you moving and out of the house. If you decide to walk to most of the shops, it gives you exercise too! Lots of stores are having after Christmas sales as well, since they are looking to get rid of old inventory to make room for the new items. See what’s on sale around you!

Write Letters: this is something I need to do soon as well. Find a pen and some stationary and sit down to write some thank you letters. I’m so grateful for all my family and friends for the presents I received, and so I’m going to write some letters thanking them for them! Letters are so fun to get in the mailbox after a boring day, at least for me, and I know my grandparents love to get mail!

Catch up on School: This may be just me, but I have a bunch of stuff I need to do before school starts back. My chemistry teacher gave us a bunch of terms to memorize, I need to get ahead in AP US history, and I want to be on top of all my other classes! The break is the perfect time to sit down and catch up on any school assignments that need to get done.

Plan: something I’ll definitely be doing soon is planning for the next month or so. I love my agenda, and if you don’t have one, it really helps me stay so organized! I go through and write down every school and sport activity I know I have coming up, my goals for the month, some things I know I want to get done or do this month, and things like that!

Reading/Art: now that you have some days off of school, it’s the perfect time to pick up a book! I love reading, and I’ve been able to read a lot during break. Go to the bookstore or library and find a book you’re interested in, then find a quiet spot to settle down and read for a few hours. You could also try your hand at some art, whether it’s painting, drawing, or photography! I like to pick a picture I really like and replicate it using colored pencils, paints, or pastels.

Those were a few of my ideas for staying productive during winter break! I hope you enjoyed and learned a few things from this post! Let me know what you do to stay productive in break in the comments below!

xoxo, Addie

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