June Favorites

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! If you want to stay updated for when I post, I would love for you to subscribe in the sidebar! Anyway, today’s post is a collab with Becca from www.southerncraftedstyle.wordpress.com. She is another great blogger who has some awesome posts! Today I’m rounding up all of my favorite things I used this June, from skincare to shoes. June was a pretty great month for me, I’m just so glad it’s summer. It’s crazy to think it’s almost halfway over already! Read on to discover some of my favorite products from this June!


For my birthday a few weeks ago, I got this Nivea Creme. I’ve been using it at night and it makes me skin so soft and refreshed! I had never used it before until a few weeks ago but I love it!

Another skin care product I’ve been using recently are the Neutrogena cleansing face wipes. I got the pink grapefruit, and they smell so good! I’ll rub this on my face at night or whenever I feel my face getting oily. It makes you feel really refreshed!

Moving on from the skincare products, one of my favorite new books is The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan. He’s one of my favorite authors, and I was so happy when this new book came out last May. It’s really good, and if you haven’t already, read his other series before you start this one!

My favorite nail color I’ve ever had is Blossom Dandy by Essie. I just got it and I love it! Essie makes really great quality nail polish, and the color is perfect for summer! I reccomend checking out the website or your nearest store that sells Essie products and fining some new colors!

My last favorite of the month is a subscription box called My Fab Five Box. It comes every month for just fifteen dollars, and it’s filled with lots of fun things! This month I got a confetti push pop, earrings, a makeup bag, bath bomb, Chapstick, hair tie, cute pencil, and stickers! It comes in such cute packaging and it brightened my day!

Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy the rest of June while it lasts!

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