The Friday Five

This Friday is probably the best in a while! That’s because it’s my last day before I get out for Spring Break! I have to wait just a few more hours. But I’m so excited to finally be free- for a whole week! This week was actually a pretty great week! Since we are about to be out of school for a while, most classes were pretty relaxed, and we didn’t start any new lessons. I spent this week stress free, trying to get all my work over and done with so I can enjoy my week of nothing! This week I found a lot of great things to add to my Friday Five, so read on!

the friday five

One// Recently I’ve found that there is a way to make ice cream- but without a machine. I don’t know why it took me so long to find this out, but it looks amazing and pretty simple to make, so I really want to try it. This article has a lot of different options, and this recipe only used 2 ingredients!

Two// J. Crew has a bunch of new arrivals for their spring line that I absolutely love. There are so many new options, and it just gets me more excited for spring and all the clothes for the warmer weather. This whole week has been really hot outside!

Three// I love these comfy Nike shoes. They’re called the Nike Air Max Pegasus, and I’ve been eying them for a while. They come in lots of different colors, and I really like them! I hope I can get them sometime soon.

Four// This post about bedroom decorating ideas is really interesting! I love the different designs and styles of the rooms, I wish my room looked like some of these!

Five// I absolutely love all the Seaside shirts and clothes in the store. I wish I could own every single tee and sweatshirt I see! When I found out that Seaside Style has a  website, I was so excited to see all of the apparel, I hope I can get another shirt soon!

Yay, it’s finally Friday! What are your weekend/spring break plans? Let me know below!

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