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It’s so weird to think that I technically only have five more months of living at home. I graduate in May, and in August I’ll be at college living away from home for the first time ever! It’s scary, but there are also exciting parts to it-one of the biggest being that I get to decorate my dorm! I submitted my housing application a couple of weeks ago and in about a month my roommate and I find out where we’re going to live! I love home decor, and while I know dorm life won’t be that glamorous, I still have lots of ideas about how to make a tiny room more homey.

I already have a roommate, but we haven’t talked a lot about how we are going to coordinate our rooms yet. I know a lot of people have matching everything- comforters, headboards, pillows, blankets, etc, but I don’t think we’re going all out like that. I like the idea of matching headboards and maybe a few other things, but I also am excited about the chance to add my own personal touch to my side of the room to make it more “me”. I plan to do more posts about what all I bought for my dorm and the process of decorating it. Hopefully after I get fully moved in I can do a dorm tour post/video and a post on dorm essentials.

I’ve had a running pinterest board of home decor for probably 5 or 6 years now, but just recently I figured it was time to start a dorm ideas one! There aren’t many pins just yet, but if I ever see something I may want to recreate I just pin it for later. One of the things I want to try is making a big gallery wall of prints by my bed. I love Rifle Paper Co for their bright and colorful prints, but I may also just print some out on good quality cardstock that I find on Pinterest. I love the look of varying sizes of prints in different colors, all arranged on the wall. I think hanging them up with patterned washi tape makes it even cuter!


Another trend I’ve seen a lot is hanging some sort of garland, whether it’s colorful cutouts or a plant like flowers or fern leaves. I think hanging flowers look so cute in place of a headboard, or filling wall space with a pom poms adds a unique touch. I’ve heard of people making their own flower wall simply with fake flowers from hobby lobby and some cute washi tape. It’s all about the little details.

I also think a simple rolling cart like this one would be so useful without taking up a lot of space! We have two of these here at my house that we use for extra books and notebooks, and they are so easy to wheel out of the way when they aren’t being used. I feel like they’d be handy in a dorm for snacks, shower supplies, clothes/shoes, or just to stack extra school materials! They aren’t too expensive either- only 30 dollars!


Fun pillows can make all the difference when adding detail to an otherwise boring bed. I love the look of a simple, neutral colored comforter with lots of fun throw pillows! They can get expensive tho, so I’m definitely going to see what I can find at places like Marshall’s, Target, etc. You’d be surprised at what you can find at Marshall’s- they have the cutest home decor for low prices! When looking for pillows, I like ones with lots of details, such as a fun texture or unique print. Anthropologie has my dream pillow selection, I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

Where are your favorite places to dorm shop on a budget? Let me know below!

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