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I don’t know why, but I’ve been in such a shopping mood recently. I haven’t even bought very much, but I feel like I’ve been browsing a lot on different websites and looking at people’s Amazon storefronts to see their faves. Amazon is one of my favorite places to find sunglasses or jewelry for good prices, and recently I’ve been seeing cute clothes on there as well. I love hearing about other people’s current favorite products and wishlists, so today I’ve compiled twenty products on my Amazon wishlist that I’ve been eying recently!

I think my top favorites from the list are:

  • Colorful huggie earrings // I love wearing huggies for my third piercing, but I don’t have any colorful ones. I thought these were so cute, and I love how they come in  so many different colors! I think the pink may be my favorite.
  • Green Pacsun sweatshirt // I didn’t realize Amazon sold Pacsun clothes, but I love their sweatshirts. I think I have four already, but I thought this green/daisy design was so cute.
  • Twisted cable ring // I really like this cable/link design of ring, and this one looks like such a similar style to the David Yurman one! It got really good reviews, too.
  • Productivity planner // I just got the 5 Minute Journal by this same company, and I just found out they have a planner, too. I love the journal to start/end my day with mindfulness, and I’d love to try out the planner. I like how each day is laid out.
  • Aviator sunglasses // I’ve been wearing sunglasses nonstop this summer, but I just have one pair that I wear every day. I really like this aviator/blocky design, and for a good price, too!

Have you found any good products on Amazon recently? I’d love to hear your faves!

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