Hello everyone! Today is a boring day filled with school, tests, and lots of homework. But there are only 28 more days left of school, so that’s definitely a plus. Something that has been a really fun topic for me lately is snail mail. I think it’s so neat to be pen pals with someone and get to know them the old fashioned way. It seems like everyone only calls, emails, or texts these days, and letters are forgotten. But there are so many cute stationary options out there and so many cute things you could do to make your letters beautiful! And just think about how great it would be to open your mailbox and find a bright, colorful letter waiting for you. Read on to discover more about being a pen pal.


Snail mail could be between you and someone you already know that lives far away, or you could meet new people through snail mail and get to know them through letters! I love writing letters to my friend who moved away to Georgia, but I also recently signed up for a pen pal program too! I used the Pen Pal Crew sign up sheet through Live Seaside Crew Life. I wrote down my information and a few facts about myself and got paired up with another girl a few days later! When I got my first letter in the mail, I got so excited and couldn’t wait to read it and write back to her with my own adorable letter! One of my favorite places to get stationary is the dollar section at Target. A dollar for 6 or 7 cards is a great deal, and they are so cute! There are lots of fun colors, patterns and sayings on the letters.

To decorate your letters,  there are endless options! You can use a plain white envelope and use markers or other colors to decorate it, you could use fancy lettering, you could use washi tape, there are so many things to do! You can look up ideas and tutorials on Pinterest, there is always lots of good inspiration there. But be creative! It’s totally up to you as to how you decorate your letters!

Are you wondering what to write in your letter to someone you haven’t ever met? This can be tricky, since you don’t know the person. Just start by telling about yourself! Explain some of your favorite things and the type of person you are. Say what sports you plan, how old are, and just be able to introduce yourself to this person! Another great thing you can do is ask questions! Ask your pen pal about themselves! What do you want to know about them? This is such a great way to get to know someone better and make a new friend! And just think how cool it would be if you became closer and closer and maybe even actually met your pen pal in real life? Snail mail is a great way to be able to get to know someone new the old fashioned way!


Hope you enjoyed the post and you learned something about being a pen pal! Go sign up now here, or find some stationary and write to that friend you haven’t seen in a while! If you would like to be a pen pal with me- I would love to! Just shoot me an email! Connect the old fashioned way- through snail mail!

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