Recipes I Want to Try

Recently I’ve been so into looking at food blogs and instagrams to find lots of inspiration for recipes to try. I love finding new meal and snack ideas to add to my regular rotation. I eat a lot of the same meals because I love them and know I’m going to enjoy them, but I definitely want to branch out with my meal options and try new combos!


  • breakfast tacos: I love breakfast foods and eggs, but I never thought to put them in taco form! Even if you just use your own tortilla and don’t make them home-made, this is a fairly healthy and easy breakfast!
  • cinnamon quinoa: I’ve recently been really into quinoa and have found so many recipes that incorporate it into different meals! I love how this one uses it almost in place of oatmeal, it looks so good.
  • apple cinnamon bread: This looks soooo good. I love apple flavored things and the fact that this bread is whole wheat and incorporates cinnamon apples makes it the perfect yummy breakfast.


  • kale pesto pizza: I absolutely love pesto. I never realized how much I like it until this past summer when we had a big batch of pesto pasta made up that I ate for almost a week straight. I love that this recipe combines pesto with pizza, and it incorporates kale too, which I don’t eat enough of!
  • avocado alfredo w/ zucchini noodles: I’ve seen zucchini noodles in different recipes before, but I’ve never actually tried them because they didn’t look that appealing. This recipe combines zucchini noodles with a creamy avocado sauce that looks amazing!
  • italian tomato basil quinoa: Another quinoa recipe. I love anything Italian, and this one incorporates the healthy quinoa with fresh basil and lots of flavors. It looks like such a good dinner!


  • strawberry banana oatmeal cookies: I usually don’t like bananas, but if they are incorporated into a recipe where I can’t feel the texture, I don’t mind them at all! They add a natural sweetener and are so good for you. And anything with warm strawberries and oats is a must try for me!
  • mint chip banana ice cream: I’ve seen the idea of banana “nice cream” a lot recently, where you use frozen bananas as the base for your ice cream and can personalize your add ins. I love this recipe with mint extract and chocolate chips for a sweet treat!
  • raspberry oatmeal bars: For some reason, these remind me of summer, because I feel like I ate so many raspberries this past summer and still haven’t gotten tired of them yet! These seem fairly easy to make and perfect to store in the freezer for on the go.

Hopefully I can get around to making some of these soon, and I’ll be sure to update if I end up loving a recipe! Thanks for reading!


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