Photo Diary No. 2

Hello and happy Friday! We’re so close to the end of the semester, and I seriously cannot wait. I have three more classes until I can go home for Thanksgiving break, and it couldn’t get here soon enough. It’s weird because during the week I feel like time drags by, but when I look back, the semester went by pretty fast. I’m almost done with my first semester of college, which is absolutely crazy. I want to do a full recap with more of my thoughts in a different post, but today’s post is a photo diary of some of the highlights of first semester.

I did a similar one of these posts a few months ago and it was so fun to look back at old pics and recap them with little captions. I love taking pictures, but I also wish I would have taken more videos of this year. That’s definitely a goal for next semester!

august 19 // a couple of days before classes started, there was a little concert at the outdoor amphitheater on campus. we spread blankets out and listened on the grass, then got supper together at the dining hall!
september 2 // I was able to go home for a long weekend over labor day and this was the last day of break. my siblings and I got fro yo and walked around the square before I loaded up and headed back to school 🙂
september 3 // random monday night, but i had come back to my room a little sad because i missed my family after a good break. a girl across the hall invited me to go get ice cream and we got bop’s and then talked late into the night!
september 7 // first game day of the year! my brothers, dad, and grandfather ended up coming to starkville and we watched the game together and ate dinner after!
september 18 // my roommate needed to go to walmart to grab hair supplies, and it ended up turning into a really fun night! we had a self timer photoshoot in front of paint chips, ha!
september 21 // another game day! i went to my friend’s tailgating tent and then stayed for most of the game. after the game we went to chic fil a and then to a country concert one of the fraternities put on.
september 25 // such a peaceful afternoon. there’s a beautiful lake right by the athletic center with big willow trees on the sides. I read under the tree for an hour and it was such nice weather!
october 6 // the student ministry I’m involved with, Wesley, went on a beach mission trip and it was so fun! we took one of the afternoons and spent about 5 hours on the beach. played in the ocean, walked down the shore, and fell asleep on my towel- perfect day.
october 13 // my fall break at home was one of the best weekends of the semester! it was just so good to see my family again. my brothers and I went to our local library and they guessed the number of candy corn in the jar- a fall tradition!
october 22 // one sunday night, my friend invited me to her sorority’s pumpkin painting party, and it was so fun! we set out blankets on the grass and painted with a bunch of girls, a super fun night!
november 3 // a spontaneous trip home for less than 48 hours-much needed! i had a really hard week with lots of homework and it was great to see my family for a bit. lots of scattergories games with the sibs 🙂
november 9 // my bff katelyn came to starkville! she spent the night friday and we saw a movie, went shopping at dirt cheap, and ate dinner. it was so good to have her here!
november 10 // a really good sunday. a friend and i went christmas shopping and hung out all afternoon, then went to kroger and got ingredients to cook a healthy dorm dinner and watched love actually!
november 17 // my sister’s birthday was last weekend, so I was able to go home for a day and visit! it was so good to see them; we ate cake and ice cream and did some christmas shopping!

This first semester has been a whirlwind of up and downs. While I documented and shared the good times, there have definitely been some hard times as well. Can’t wait to see what next semester brings!

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